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In The Future This Will Not Be Necessary

In The Future This Will Not Be Necessary

In The Future This Will Not Be Necessary

by Paul Samael

Miles Jensen has a confession to make. To the ‘true believers’, he is the faithful guardian of a website devoted to the late Pete Novotnik, founder of a future-obsessed internet cult. But Miles is not a true believer – he only got involved out of a desire to rekindle an affair with Pete’s wife, Kay. Hoping to shock the true believers into a crisis of faith, he decides to reveal his true colours and his dubious role in Pete’s death. But when a journalist starts to investigate, he is forced to confront the truth about his feelings for Kay and his motives for wanting to undermine the cult.

A thought-provoking novel with flashes of dry humour, ‘In the future…’ is about jealousy, belief and the utopian dreams we project onto technology. ‘Fluent [and] witty’, ‘Well written and teeming with interesting ideas’, ‘Fantastic’ (comments by members of peer review site youwriteon). ‘Thoughtful, intriguing and worthwhile’ (Tom Lichtenberg).

This is a full length novel, not just sample chapters. You can view a 60 second trailer here:

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In The Future This Will Not Be Necessary – 228 pages, 430KB (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

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