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In Over Her Head

In Over Her Head

In Over Her Head by Elsie Russell

In Over Her Head

by Elsie Russell

The debut of Penny Bell’s groundbreaking musical composition-featuring the use of mysterious Extra-Low frequency waves-takes a startling and tragic turn when several concert-goers die in their seats during the performance. The once-bright horizons of Penny’s career collapse, and she retreats to a dank Soho basement apartment lit only by the glow of computer monitors and electronic synthesizer displays. There, using herself as a guinea pig, she sets out to unlock the secrets of her beautiful and deadly symphonies.

But a series of strange coincidences intrude upon her solitary quest. Her apartment is ransacked. Her neighbor, the ethereal erotic performance artist Ulla Nova, disappears after her studio is broken into. And then Ulla’s charming and damaged young choreographer appears, and sweeps Penny off to Europe to search for the diva, plunging Penny into a seedy and unfamiliar world of jet set artists and international intrigue.

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