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In Less Than A Second

In Less Than A Second

In Less Than A Second
by Kerry Dennis

In Less Than A Second is the story of a young woman who was recently involved in a car accident. She tries a meditation from a metaphysical teacher to relieve her pain and during the course of this meditation something unusual happens and she finds that she has been transported to a distant planet.

The planet, Anchor, is run by an alliance of interstellar races called The Universal Brotherhood, who have the ability to scan and manipulate time. When she arrives she is assigned a Facilitator called Aranon, who with the Reorientation Center’s Director, Dorn, draw up a pact that will guide them through what they call her reorientation process.

She also learns that others from Earth have come to Anchor as well and then, after reorientation, have been returned to Earth with new insight and the tools to assist the planet Earth in averting a future interstellar calamity that originates on Earth itself.

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  1. austin

    link to this is broken

  2. Jason Matthews

    I’ve just started into this book, and it is fascinating! The ideas make me wonder, did this really happen? Because it’s so far out there yet so real. Either the author has one amazing imagination, or this incredible series of events actually happened.

  3. admin

    Hi Austin, the link is working, please try again.

  4. Kerry Dennis

    In my book, In Less Than A second, the computer spell checker decided it didn’t like the name of the dog – ‘Piddles’ and renamed it Puddles in one of the chapters. Be advised that spell checkers don’t know everything and that Piddles is Piddles, not matter what the spell checker says!

  5. Jouie

    Great book! What it lacks in editing, it makes up for in a descriptive and imaginative storyline. I noticed that a shift in character seems to occur towards the end of the book, though.. like somebody else started writing?

  6. Bojan

    One of the best books I’ve ever read… The message is the thing I liked the most and actually describes my view to life…

    The Mantram Of Unification

    Humanity is one and I am one with them.
    I see to love, not hate.
    I seek to heal, not hurt.
    I seek to serve,
    Not to exact due service.

    Let pain bring due reward of Light and Love.
    Let the Soul control the outer form
    And life, and all events
    And bring to light the love
    That underlies the happenings of the times.

    Let vision come, and insight.
    Let the future stand revealed.
    Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
    Let Love prevail,
    Let all Humanity Love.

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