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Imaging: Sensors and Technologies

Imaging: Sensors and Technologies

This book contains high-quality works demonstrating significant achievements and advances in imaging sensors, covering spectral electromagnetic and acoustic ranges. They are self-contained works addressing different imaging-based procedures and applications in several areas, including 3D data recovery; multispectral analysis; biometrics applications; computed tomography; surface defects; indoor/outdoor systems; surveillance.

Advanced imaging technologies and specific sensors are also described on the electromagnetic spectrum (ultraviolet, visible, infrared), including airborne calibration systems; selective change driven, multi-spectral systems; specific electronic devices (CMOS, CCDs, CZT, X-Ray, and fluorescence); multi-camera systems; line sensors arrays; video systems. Some technologies based on acoustic imaging are also provided, including acoustic planar arrays of MEMS or linear arrays.

The reader will also find an excellent source of resources, when necessary, in the development of his/her research, teaching or industrial activity, involving imaging and processing procedures.

This book describes worldwide developments and references on the covered topics-useful in the contexts addressed.

Imaging: Sensors and Technologies

by Gonzalo Pajares Martinsanz (PDF, Online) – 620 pages

Imaging: Sensors and Technologies by Gonzalo Pajares Martinsanz