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I Was an Internet Addict

I Was an Internet Addict

I Was an Internet Addict by Hercules Bantas

I Was an Internet Addict

by Hercules Bantas

Harry was a normal person living a normal life until, one day, he subscribed to the online world of Sword of Valour and the scourge of internet addiction claimed him. Now he lives on the fringes of reality, spending most of his time with virtual friends killing virtual Ogres in a virtual world.

Luckily, Harry grasped his last chance to return to the real world when he accepted an invitation from Robert, his last remaining real friend, for a night on the town. This is a record of that night – a complete and unabridged account of Harry’s last ditch and desperate effort to rebuild his shattered life.

You will be shocked! You will be horrified! You will gasp in disbelief at Harry’s lack of social skills and recoil in horror at his disgusting cravings! A must read for all concerned citizens!

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