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Hundreds of Online Book Clubs for You to Join, Read, Share, Discuss, Ask and Explore!

Hundreds of Online Book Clubs for You to Join, Read, Share, Discuss, Ask and Explore!

In a very traditional and classical way, book clubs or groups are usually hosted by the dozens at library branches, independent bookstores, a museum, and even a few historic sites. One cherished pastime often shared by book lovers around the globe is participation in book clubs. Joining a book club is a great way to stay connected with a community of like-minded readers while also expanding your understanding of what literature has to offer.

Book clubs are very popular. In 2015, The New York Times estimated that some five million Americans belong to one or more book clubs. What do people want from their groups? What motivates them to join in the first place, and why do they stay? What do they look for in the books they read? Love talking about a good book as much as you do reading it?

If you do ask yourself these questions then this list is just for you. We have compiled numerous online book clubs from various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other online websites. Take your time to browse through, digest the description and choose whichever platform that you’re most comfortable with. Happy joining and most importantly – have fun!

94 Facebook Group Book Clubs

  1. Book Club – 23K members (10+ posts a day) – This group is for book lovers to talk of their favorite books, recommend books or warn about thos…
  2. Facebook Book Club – 36K members (10+ posts a day) – As a few of us are increasingly relying on our friends for book recommendations, we thought we’d set up a Book C…
  3. Silent Book Club – 39K members (10+ posts a day) – Welcome to introvert happy hour! The rules of Silent Book Club are simple: Read, Wine, Repeat. …
  4. The KL Book Appreciation Club (KLBAC) – 8.4K members (10+ posts a day) – This is a club for Malaysians to explore the world of books.
  5. BookClub – 5.5K members (10+ posts a day) – Just a place for all the book lovers of the world to have a place to share good reads, recommended g…
  6. The Book Nook Club – 3.9K members (10+ posts a day) – A friendly all women’s book club! Read the BOOK OF THE MONTH with everyone and discuss it!!
  7. KINDLE BOOK CLUB – Authors & Readers – 14K members (10+ posts a day) – Get free kindle ebooks daily.
  8. YA Book Club and Book Talk – 7.2K members (10+ posts a day) – The purpose of this group is to be a safe place for YA book lovers of all ages to come together and socialize.
  9. Leveling Up Bookclub 💋 – 2K members (9 posts a day) – A Bookclub where we can stimulate our minds and grow into our greater selves.
  10. The Book Club – 3.1K members (5 posts a day) – We are a group of book lovers who love reading, discussing, reviewing, recommending, buying, hoarding, even writ…
  11. LuvBooks Club – 17K members (10+ posts a day) – A place to talk about, review, and win sexy books!
  12. Crime Book Club – 16K members (10+ posts a day) – For all Crime/Thriller book lovers, a club for readers who love the crime genre.
  13. Readers & Writers Book Club Group – 3.3K members (10+ posts a day) – Readers and Writers Book Club is a unique internet location where readers communicate with authors and have oppo…
  14. The Book Club Girls – 15K members (10+ posts a day) – Our mission is to bring people together through a love of reading and to connect readers with authors….
  15. Between The Chapters Book Club – 6.4K members (10+ posts a day) – We are a virtual community of booklovers with the aim of sharing our favorite books. This book club will feature…
  16. World Economic Forum Book Club – 83K members (10+ posts a day) – This group is dedicated to the World Economic Forum Book Club. Here you can share your thoughts on the book of t…
  17. – Free/Discount Kindle Book of the Day – 19K members (10+ posts a day) – Premium, well-rated Kindle ebooks on special temporary discounts.
  18. Good JuJu’s Online Book Club – 3.6K members (10+ posts a day) – Women who run with wolves book club.
  19. Women who run with wolves book club – 5.5K members (15 posts a week) – This group has been started with the intention of reading Women Who Run With the Wolves and discussing how it re…
  20. Stephen King Book Club – 6K members (10+ posts a day) – We are reading all of Stephen King’s published books (novels, collections, non-fiction) in the order of publica…
  21. Book Trotters Club – Imagination and more – 2.2K members (2 posts a day) – Imagination and more is an offshoot of my book club for children, primarily.
  22. POPSUGAR Book Club – 1.5K members (6 posts a day) – POPSUGAR Book Club is a haven for book lovers everywhere.
  23. Book of the Month Club (BOTM) Members – 4.6K members (10+ posts a day) – A place for fellow BOTM Members to discuss the monthly selections!
  24. Lifetime Book Club – 3.9K members (8 posts a day) – A community for book and movie lovers. We take your favorite reads from book to screen!
  25. Louise’s Facebook Book Club – 2.2K members (8 posts a day) – A group where we can share & swap books. Talk about what we enjoy reading, reccomend authors, and chat to new friends…
  26. book club with Style – 1K members (12 posts a week) – This group is also a place where you can connect with authors and get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what it take…
  27. Book Club Monthly – 2K members (3 posts a day) – An online book club to discuss books and debate. You are allowed not to like a book…
  28. The Universe Has Your Back Book Club – 44K members (10+ posts a day) – This is a space to connect, collaborate and support one another through the lessons in the book.
  29. Read Any Good Books Lately? – Book Club – 24K members (10+ posts a day) – Share your views, reviews and comments on books (either fiction or non-fiction) with other…
  30. Literary Classics Book Club – 4.3K members (10+ posts a day) – This group is to find others who will read along with you or where you can discuss some of your thoughts on prio…
  31. The Reading Mermaid’s Book Club – 2.3K members (10+ posts a day) – Freestyle Friday is a great opportunity for members to post things that are off topic from books and reading in …
  32. RW Bookclub – 19K members (10+ posts a day) – Reading on recommendation of Reese Witherspoon.
  33. The Science Friday Book Club – 1.4K members (2 posts a day) – This group is a space for us to continue our discussion about the SciFri Book Club throughout the week.
  34. Fantasy Book Club – 4.4K members (10+ posts a day) – A place for lovers of fantasy books to gather and share titles and authors.
  35. Finished Reading Jenna’s Book Club – 3.2K members (14 posts a week) – This is a safe place to discuss and ask questions about the books from Jenna’s reading club.
  36. Tiphani Montgomery’s Book Club – 12K members (10+ posts a day) – Passionate Readers Book Club.
  37. Passionate Readers Book Club – 6.1K members (10+ posts a day) – Whether you have read Passionate Readers by Pernille Ripp or not, this group is a place for you to ask questions…
  38. The TV Book Club – 7.8K members (10+ posts a day) – Originally a group to discuss books on the much missed TV Book Club, now a group to discuss books and authors in…
  39. Passionflix Book Club – 2.4K members (2 posts a day) – This group is not affiliated with Passionflix. We are a fan run group.
  40. British Book Club – 5.2K members (10+ posts a day) – C.M. Owens Book Club.
  41. C.M. Owens Book Club – 18K members (10+ posts a day) – Fan group for author C.M. Owens/Kristy Cunning/S.T. Abby. Share love for books, get recommendations from fellow …
  42. Sonali’s Book Club – 16K members (10+ posts a day) – Reading was always my first love, and somewhere in the hustle and bustle of life, I feel like I’ve lost that con…
  43. Reformed Theology Book Club – 2.3K members (10+ posts a day) – Reformed Theology Book Club was started to promote free or on sale reformed texts. Discussion is welcome on the books themselves, but mainly it’s intended as a resource for individuals interested in finding discounted reformed works.
  44. Nicholas Sparks book club – 1.9K members (4 posts a day) – All who love Nicholas Sparks novles and films. Join in with this book and film club group and welcome all. 🙂
  45. House of Leaves Book Club – 6.6K members (6 posts a day) – This page was created by the author Mark Z. Danielewski (and team) in order to have a group read-along with fans…
  46. Gemological and Jewelry Book Club – 1.2K members (5 posts a day) – The purpose is to bring together book collectors, authors and book sellers of gemology, mineralogy, diamonds, je…
  47. Sounds True Book Club – 2.8K members (2 posts a day) – The Sounds True Book Club is where spiritual seekers can read, discuss, and grow–together.
  48. TBR and Beyond Book Club – 4.5K members (10+ posts a day) – A book club that cover all genres and categories.
  49. Do Not Disturb Book Club – 6.6K members (10+ posts a day) – A year-round party room for readers of contemporary romance.
  50. Book Club (Girls LOVE Travel ®) – 9K members (8 posts a day) – A closed group for GLT members to talk about favorite books to read for travels.
  51. ChooseFI Book Club – 4.8K members (15 posts a week) – We will have monthly discussion about a financial/self book in order to broaden our knowledge and have deep disc…
  52. TotallyBooked Book Club – 1.5K members (10+ posts a day) – A place where TotallyBooked Blog readers can discuss books freely, stick up pics of their book heroes etc….
  53. The Bullet Journal Method Book Club – 4.9K members (2 posts a week) – A fan-led discussion group led by long-time Bullet Journalist, Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine.
  54. Historical Fiction Book Club – 4K members (10+ posts a day) – Historical Fiction book club.
  55. The Jungian Book Club – 11K members (9 posts a day) – This page is part of the Centre of Applied Jungian Studies.We are here to study Jungian ideas and concepts.
  56. Jenny Colgan Book Club – 1K members (10+ posts a day) – We are a group of book lovers and fans of Jenny Colgan’s stories, who have joined together to chat about her books.
  57. AP BOOK CLUB Global – 3.2K members (10+ posts a day) – This group mentions God, plans, purpose, challenges, blessings…
  58. Dirty Little Secret Book Club – 2.6K members (10+ posts a day) – A haven for “Dark Romance” lovers. We enjoy all types of books, but some…
  59. True Crime Book Club #1 – 7.7K members (10+ posts a day) – Discuss true crime books you have read. Give a review. Give an opinion. Ask questions.
  60. Mitford Book Club – 3K members (3 posts a day) – This book club is a place for Jan Karon’s readers to discuss her books.
  61. Shameless Podcast Book Club – 5.5K members (5 posts a day) – For the top tier listeners of Shameless, who want to read books together because well, we damn well can….
  62. Death Becomes Us Cozy Mystery Book Club – 1.4K members (3 posts a day) – This is a cozy mystery book club. We will choose one book a month to read and then discuss it together, hopefully with the author. Discussions are always in the event page. Get cozy and hang out with us!
  63. The Terry Pratchett Book Club – 8.9K members (10+ posts a day) – This is the official group specifically for discussing the wonderful works of Terry Pratchett and keeping his legacy alive. Book discussions are actively encouraged.
  64. Oh Crap! Potty Training Unofficial Book Club – 18K members (10+ posts a day) – This a support group for parents who are using the “Oh Crap! Potty Training” method outlined in the book by Jamie Glowacki.
  65. Havenwood Falls Book Club – 1.2K members (10+ posts a day) – We gather here online to discuss the books we’ve read – and maybe drink wine and gossip about the townsfolk.
  66. Book Club Novel Readers Amazon Kindle – 70K members (10+ posts a day) – Book Club Novel Readers Amazon Kindle is made up of readers just like you. There’s nothing we love more than finding a book that we can’t wait to share with others.
  67. Kindle/Book Club – 26K members (10+ posts a day) – A group for all to share books that they love, that they have written and that they want to share with the world…
  68. Monthly Book Club – 16K members (10+ posts a day) – We started a book club because we love books and bookish things.
  69. Pakistan Book Readers Club – 8.1K members (10+ posts a day) – This group is for all the lovers of books from Pakistan.
  70. Ahmedabad Book Club – 31K members (10+ posts a day) – Connecting the avid readers across the city!
  71. Twinkl Book Club – 6.8K members (10+ posts a day) – A friendly and inclusive virtual book club, mainly for staff and teachers in schools.
  72. Classical Feng Shui Book Club – 1.2K members (9 posts a day) – This group is for members who wish to discuss published works in the area of Classical Feng Shui….
  73. The Fiction Café – Book Club – 7.8K members (10+ posts a day) – We are a friendly group of book addicts that respect our fellow group members. We very rarely have confrontation in the group due to our zero tolerance of conflict!
  74. TBC Book Club – 4.9K members (2 posts a day) – The TBC book club is an event that brings together like-minded individuals with a desire to read.
  75. The Real Housewives Book Club – 3K members (10+ posts a day) – A bunch of ladies that love to read!! We chit chat about the best books.
  76. Karen Kingsbury Official Online Book Club – 18K members (10+ posts a day) – This book club exists as a place to share and talk about Karen’s books!
  77. James Patterson Book Club – 6.7K members (10+ posts a day) – We are all about James Patterson books. We love his books.
  78. Classics Book Club – 828 members (6 posts a day) – We are a group of friends and acquaintances who like to discuss classic novels.
  79. The Rick O’Shea Book Club – 27K members (10+ posts a day) – This is Ireland’s largest book club, however we have members in over 100 countries!
  80. Non-fiction Book and Documentary Film Club – 324 members (10+ posts a day) – A book and documentary film club for those who prefer the non-fiction genre.
  81. Spooky Little Book Club – 1.4K members (5 posts a day) – Love Halloween AND reading?
  82. The Kind of a Girl Book Club – 287 members (10+ posts a day) – The Book Club Group is for fans of “The Kind of a Girl” and other books in the Lorraine Innis book series!
  83. Bookoholics Book Club – 1.4K members (10+ posts a day) – This is a group for people who love to read, meet people who love to read, discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc.
  84. L.A. Times Book Club – 888 members (13 posts a week) – We share a book and invite you to join the conversation as we read and explore, together.
  85. Rebecca’s Book Club – 4.2K members (10+ posts a day) – Sistah Girls Book Club.
  86. Sistah Girls Book Club – 2.7K members (10+ posts a day) – The Sistah Girls Book Club is an online community made up of black women who enjoy reading and conversing about books.
  87. Catholic Book Club – 3.4K members (2 posts a day) – The Catholic Book Club, an online enterprise of America Media, tries to bring together a community of readers to share their appreciations and reflections on the best literature of the day.
  88. The Motherload Book Club – 5.7K members (10+ posts a day) – Discuss your favourite reads and share your book love.
  89. Official Terry Goodkind & Sword of Truth Book Club – 3.1K members (10+ posts a day) – Official Facebook Group for Author Terry Goodkind and fans of ‘The Sword of Truth’.
  90. Historical & Time Slip Novels Book Club. – 2.7K members (10+ posts a day) – Discuss many different authors and books which fell within the Historical Fiction and Time Slip genre. This left BE’s group for discussions on Barbara Erskine.
  91. The Lowcountry Book Club – 2.9K members (10+ posts a day) – This is a group for readers who enjoy novels set in the South, in particular the South Carolina Lowcountry, coastal Georgia and North Carolina, and thereabouts, with a few other beach reads thrown in for good measure.
  92. Debbie Viguie Book Club – 528 members (5 posts a day) – This is for friends and fans of Debbie Viguie and her books to come together to read, share, and discuss the sto…
  93. Outlander Cast Clan Book Club – 3.7K members (3 posts a day) – Here is where we can geek out to our hearts content!
  94. Blueberry Co Baby Book Club – 7.1K members (10+ posts a day) – A place to share your Blueberry Co memory keeping experience!!

70 Facebook Page Book Clubs

  1. Book Club – 64K likes (Movie) – Starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, is now playing in theatres everywhere!
  2. BookBub – 3.6M likes (Media/News Company) – Discover books you’ll love, including unbeatable deals, handpicked recommendations, and updates from your favorite authors.
  3. Book Club Girl – 189K likes (Arts & Humanities Website) – Book Club Girl is a blog dedicated to sharing great books, news and tips with book club girls everywhere.
  4. The Book Club – 70K likes (TV Show) – The Book Club was a televised weekly book review show airing on the ABC. After 11 years, it wrapped up with a one-hour special Dec 2017. The ABC is passionate & committed to books in 2018.
  5. BuzzFeed Books – 1.2M likes (Media/News Company) – Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.
  6. Scholastic Book Clubs – 568K likes (Product/Service) – Everyone who works at Scholastic Book Clubs is focused on one thing: being the best possible partner to teachers to help them get great books into the hands of every student in their class and to build successful lifelong readers.
  7. Reese’s Book Club – 129K likes (Media/News Company) – I have more books than friends.
  8. I have more books than friends – 565K likes (Community) – In our opinion, you can never have too many books.
  9. Monthly Book Club – 10K likes (Book) – Monthly Book Review Club is unique place to share your thoughts on books that matter most. Share your book with us.
  10. BBC World Book Club – 60k likes (Media/News Company) – A unique global community of book lovers in discussion with some of the world’s greatest writers.
  11. Book Club Central – 4.8K likes (Organization) – Content for book clubs and their readers.
  12. Love Book Club – 3.3k likes (Thrift & Consignment Store) – A Social Enterprise that provides an avenue for low income families a place of belonging through preloved books.
  13. The Book Club Cookbook – 1.8K likes (Personal Blog) – English Literature (Poetry, books, book clubs & more )
  14. English Literature (Poetry, books, book clubs & more ) – 140K likes (Arts & Humanities Website) – Books, poems or any literary material.
  15. Book Lover’s Club – 15K likes (Arts & Humanities Website) – A site dedicated to the discussion of books of all genres, for book-lovers right across the globe.
  16. Nerdy Book Club – 23K likes (Community) – If you love books, especially those written for children and young adults, then you are an honorary member of The Nerdy Book Club. Like us, you probably always have a book along to read, a title to recommend, and time to talk about works held dear.
  17. Book Box Club – 2K likes (Website) – A UK subscription box and online society for the unashamedly bookish. New YA books, goodies & a book group delivered to your door monthly.
  18. BOOK CLUB (Malaysia) – 466 likes (Community) – Lets make reading our culture.
  19. Book Club Babble – 2.2K likes (Media/News Company) – Welcome to Book Club Babble, the site for busy people who love books. We recommend and review books, host discussions and interview authors.
  20. Book Club – 1.7K likes (Book) – We help you to read quickly books’ summaries, ideas, reviews, and recommendations.
  21. Bookclub – 196 likes (Book) – This page has been created to bring reading addicts together to discuss books. It’s also for those who would like to be apart of a bookclub.
  22. Comic Book Club – 778 likes (Podcast) – Comic Book Club is a live talk show and podcast, every Tuesday at 7:30pm in NYC! It’s hosted by Pete LePage, Justin Tyler, and Alex Zalben.
  23. Oprah’s Book Club – 2K likes (Book) – Discuss the latest activity in Oprah’s Book Club. Share your favorite books!
  24. Malaysia Book Club – 601 likes (Local Business) – Welcome to The Malaysia Book Club. This book club is my hobby project, based on some of the books on my shelves.
  25. Book Review Club – 852 likes (Book) – Book review club is a place where authors can meet each other, and post their books for sale.
  26. Paperback Book Club – 537 likes (Community) – A book club for lovers of the written word to come together.
  27. History Book Club – 9.3K likes (Product/Service) – Official Facebook page of
  28. Doubleday Book Club – 38K likes (Product/Service) – Bestselling new fiction books at low prices—what’s not to like?
  29. Bookaholics book club – 5.3K likes (Community) – Community of bookaholics.
  30. Book Club – 134 likes (Education) – Welcoming creativity.
  31. Book Review Club – 707 likes (Book) – As a “READER” there is a battle between “Do I spend money on this book I know nothing about?” or take a chance on this free book.
  32. Book club – 131 likes (Book) – Im an inspiring author wanting to create a book club for those wanting some interesting reads. Suggest good books, read good books and have fun.
  33. Ubud Book Club – 1K likes (Community) – Let’s get together & jump online to discuss books, literature, authors… and everything related to words. Let’s gather our tribe of passionate readers.
  34. Young Adult Book Club – 4.7K likes (Book) – To provide YA book lovers with a great place to discuss their favorite books and to learn about what’s going on in Book World.
  35. Dickens Book Club – 1K likes (Community) – A place to share your thoughts on the work of Victorian author Charles Dickens celebrating the ‘Dickens and London’ exhibition at the Museum of London.
  36. Rhapsody Book Club – 4.5K likes (Product/Service) – Find a hot & steamy romance novel to heat up your day!
  37. Book Club – 82 likes (Comedian) – Please bring a covered dish or some wine to share and your ideas about what we might read next time.
  38. Book Club Philippines – 934 likes (Book) – Mostly Romance/ Erotica/Adult/New Adult/Young Adult. Hotties = Book Boyfriends. Quotes. Lyrics. Movies. TV Series.
  39. Friends Book Club – 267 likes (Community) – Its women gathering to read books, discuss it and exchange opinions. Reading books in groups is the ideal way to improve, grow and learn.
  40. Mystery Guild Book Club – 12K likes (Product/Service) – Get clued in to Today’s Most Wanted Mysteries.
  41. Book Club Lovers – 565 likes (Book) – A page for people who love books, writing and literature.
  42. Bookends Book Club – 135 likes (Community) – Join The Bookends Club where they meet to review their latest pick.
  43. Book Club – 74 likes (Book) – A place to share the books you have read with others. Many of my friends are looking for something to read, here they can find it!
  44. Book Club – 3.1K likes (Book Series) – Uma garota apaixonada por livros que decidiu criar essa página para compartilhar com o mundo o gosto e o amor que sente pela leitura.
  45. Book Club – 186 likes (Website) – Share your library with the world.
  46. Book Club – 97 likes (Book) – Promoting reading through out the world.
  47. Book Club – 84 likes (Library) – The book club etd. 2013 serves as a forum to discuss and worship “literature” the whole night long!
  48. BOOK CLUB – 58 likes (Community) – The purpose of this page is to discuss and recommend books.
  49. Celebrity Book Club – 31k likes (Publisher) – Watch how we help rising stars build their celebrity brands and learn how you can build your personal brand.
  50. Book Club – 429 likes (Just For Fun) – This page mentions halloween, paperback, mass market, hardcover best sellers …
  51. Wander Book Club – 12K likes (Photographer) – Wander Book Club is a new segment of Wander Aguiar Photography focusing in Book Cover Images.
  52. The Book Club – 2.8K likes (Book) – Share your fav books here, recommend and share your ideas on various books. 🙂
  53. Bookoholics Book Club – 169 likes (Book) – This is a group for people who love to read, meet people with similar interest, discuss a book that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc
  54. The Book Club, Lagos – 439 likes (Community) – The book club was created for a group of people who love to read books. We choose books every month to read and meet to discuss then share our experiences.
  55. Book Club – 253 likes (Community) – A monthly club to chat about all things literary. Includes a book exchange for a donation towards buying books for children in an orphanage in Zambia.
  56. Book Club – 268 likes (Community) – Good things happening.
  57. Book Club – 448 likes (Book) – I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.
  58. Book Club – 100 likes (Book Series) – Book Club is a raucous send up of monthly reading groups!
  59. Book Club On the Go – 2.1K likes (Event Planner) – Book events service based in Hartford County, CT serving CT and Western MA. We offer author events, book clubs, and mobile bookselling.
  60. Melbourne Uni Book Club – 1.6K likes (Community Organization) – The official Melbourne Uni Book Club page!
  61. Club Book – 1.3K likes (Nonprofit Organization) – Club Book brings bestselling, award-winning authors to libraries in the Twin Cities. All events are free to the public.
  62. Palm Beach Book Club – 914 likes (Community) – We are a social & philanthropic book club affiliated w/ select libraries nationwide. We welcome like-minded, well-read women to join our inner circle.
  63. Book Club – 898 likes (Book) – Do You like to read? We like to read. Share your books with us and we will share ours. We love literature. Share your note here as well.
  64. Book Club – 291 likes (Local Business) – An online bookstore with the latest books for all ages.
  65. Book Club – 163 likes (Personal Blog) – Personal Blog
  66. Book Club – 114 likes (Book) – This is just a place for book lovers to discuss about favorite books. All unedited of course *wink*
  67. 1,000 Book Club – 115 likes (Education) – This page will be used to provide updates for our 1000 Book Club families.
  68. Book club Zambia – 112 likes (Book Series) – The club is built to promote and to see through that the art of writing and talent of authoring in Zambia is kept alive.
  69. Book Club – 191 likes (Nonprofit Organization) – MSA’s Faculty of Biotechnology presents BOOK CLUB! We don’t just read books, we go on a different adventure every single time. Would you like to come along?
  70. Free Book Club – 57K likes (Website) – Learn how to reach your readers and build your author brand for free.

31 Subreddit Book Clubs

  1. 52book – 49.5k members A subreddit for the participants of the 52 Book Challenge (one book per week for a year) to discuss their progress and discoveries.
  2. ASOIAFReread – 9.3k members A group re-read of George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.
  3. BettermentBookClub – 25.1k members Discussing the books that will make you a better person.
  4. books – 17.0m members To foster and encourage in-depth discussion about all things related to books, authors, genres, or publishing in a safe, supportive environment.
  5. bookswikibookclub – 17.0m members /r/books Bookclub
  6. Casual_Books – 654 members A place to casually discuss books!
  7. ChristianBookclub – 39 members I’ve found several bookclubs on reddit but none geared towards Christians. So here is one for Christians.
  8. Fantasy_Bookclub – 13.0k members This subreddit is exclusively for the discussion and recommendation of Fantasy Books. We run three monthly features: a nominated Book of the Month, a discussion on a New Release Novel, and a sponsored Recommendation Thread. Beyond that, any Fantasy book related discussions are allowed.
  9. hiphop101 – 26.3k members Cause we all got at least one question, and we all got at least one answer too!
  10. History_Bookclub – 1.9k members An organized book club for history books.
  11. horrorbookclub – 7.3k members A monthly reading and discussion group for fans of horror fiction.
  12. hpbookclub – 1.6k members For chapter by chapter discussion of the Harry Potter books.
  13. InfiniteJestRG – 206 members 2015 summer reading group for David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.
  14. LetsReadABook – 1.2k members On a monthly basis we will collectively vote on a variety of titles for the sub to read. There will be a general discussion thread run by a moderator assigned to that book who will overlook the discussion.
  15. nonfictionbookclub – 5.5k members A place to read and discuss nonfiction works.
  16. offbeatbookclub – 97 members Wouldn’t it be nice to read what others are reading without being a slave to the New York Times Best Seller list?
  17. PhilosophyBookClub – 11.4k members A place to read and discuss works of philosophy.
  18. philosophyclub – 1.3k members The Philosophy Club
  19. PieceOfShitBookclub – 12.8k members The Piece of Shit Book Club is dedicated to the worst literature that humanity has to offer. Submit your own suggestions for reviews, post links to the worst books you can just find, or chat in general about just how awful some books really are.
  20. PsychonautReadingClub – 3.5k members This is a reading club focusing on psychonautic literature. We read books relevant to our interests by authors like Aldous Huxley, Robert Anton Wilson, and Terrence McKenna.
  21. readalong – 1.1k members Read together.
  22. Science_Bookclub – 669 members A monthly book club where we alternate between science non-fiction and hard science fiction (because creativity). We post a discussion thread for the book of the month and also post a link to an optional monthly video call, if that’s your thing. We post the books 2 months in advance so, if you don’t like fiction or a particular book, you can start working on the next month’s book.
  23. scifi_bookclub – 6.6k members Science fiction book club.
  24. SF_Book_Club – 8.9k members A readers’ club for books about ideas.
  25. shakespeare – 15.5k members Shakespeare stuffs
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