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How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

Ideally, the first step that you need to take is to identify the status of the ebook title that you’re searching for – to identify whether it’s free or not. A quick search through your favorite search engines should give you a pretty good idea. If the results you’re getting are mostly from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, or basically any book review sites out there, chances are, you’re searching for a commercial book. From this set of results, it’s quite safe to say that chances are quite high that both ebook and paperback versions for that title are not free.

However, in certain circumstances, a commercial paperback book does not always mean that its digital / ebook version is not free. Quite a number of authors usually set their ebook(s) as free, but sell their paperback(s) for a price. A common place where you can find such scenarios would be In most cases, the author’s official site should tell the whole story – are there free versions available? A shopping cart icon or an add to cart button should give you a rough idea where are you heading to.

In the other hand, if that particular title you’re searching for is indeed free, we believe you shouldn’t have any problems searching it through any of the search engines out there. The few top results should indicate places where you can download them.

If you’re on a more general searching mode, e.g. searching free ebooks from a particular genre or category, then the following sites should provide you with abundant amount of materials that you can immerse yourself into.

1. 15 Sites That You Can Search For Ebooks

Click on the logo to visit the site.
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Project Gutenberg
Classic Public Domain Ebooks.
O'Reilly Open Books
Mostly Computers & Internet.
Various categories in various formats.
Various categories, online viewing only.
Various categories, various formats.
Various categories, various formats.
Fiction & Non-Fiction Ebooks (EPUB).
Google Books
Various categories, online viewing only.
Intech Open
Scientific Ebooks (PDF).
The Plough
Christian ebooks. Various languages & formats.
Online viewing only, but it’s still an ok place to search.
Online Novels
A site that compiles free novel ebooks.
Free Kids Ebooks. Only viewing only.
Literature for Children
Literature for Children. Online Viewing Only.
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2. PDF Search Engines (as covered here – 9 PDF Search Engines)

3. Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook

  1. Click here to search through free Amazon Kindle ebooks.
  2. Click here to search through free Barnes & Noble’s Nook ebooks.

4. 8 Blog Search Engines

Some authors might have blogs to keep their readers up to date. Searching through well established blog directories / blog search engines out there should produce some good results, if not a lot.

Click on the logo to visit the site.
Google Blog Search Amatomu BlogLines Blogscope
IceRocket Technorati BlogPulse Blog Catalog

5. Search All The Free Ebook Sites At One Go!

This search engine is extremely interesting and very useful if you want to search all the free ebook sites out there at one go. Forget about a dozen of tabs on your browsers opening up all of the sites. With searches going through an amazing 111 free ebook sites, it’s quite difficult to miss out the ones you’re searching for. Click here to start searching!