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How to Read in the Bath Like A Boss Without Getting the Pages Soaking Wet

We booksworms, or anybody for that matter, have a plethora of ways of enjoying ourselves and getting ourselves comfortable when getting into something we like to do. In this instance – reading in a tub. Imagine yourself submerged in a tub of warm water, with burning scented candles and nice soothing music in the background, but most of the time the thing that we never thought about is how to get your book or e-reader dry, and not dropping it into the water.

This video does exactly that so that you can continue reading in the bath like a boss and don’t get your reading materials soaking wet or completely damaged. We hope you enjoy these tips and feel free to share your thoughts on this matter. If you think we’ve left out any good tips, leave your comments below and don’t forget to visit and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

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