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How to Make Easy Peruvian Food

How to Make Easy Peruvian Food

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been delighted by Peruvian cuisine and you want to prepare those marvelous dishes at home. Perhaps you recently visited a Peruvian restaurant or maybe you’ve been a fan of Peruvian cuisine for years.

Either way, you may have noticed there are challenges to making Peruvian food at home. Many authentic recipes found online are in Spanish and require ingredients that are hard to find outside of Peru. On the other hand, many online recipes replace ingredients and techniques, resulting in food that simply doesn’t taste authentic.

The objective of this book is to bridge that gap. First, our recipes have links to Peruvian ingredients online, giving you easy access to hard to find ingredients. Second, we have chosen the most popular recipes that people like you are searching for. Lastly, the recipes we have chosen are authentic, yet simple and easy to make at home.

I hope you enjoy using this recipe book and delight family and friends with fantastic Peruvian meals. A comer!

How to Make Easy Peruvian Food

by Gene Bennett (PDF) – 17 pages

How to Make Easy Peruvian Food by Gene Bennett