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How to Learn Japanese Free Ebook

How to Learn Japanese Free Ebook

Why learn Japanese?
Japan has a fantastically rich culture, wonderful people and the latest technology to say nothing of the great food and shopping. You may already be set on going to Japan and know that learning Japanese is what you want to do. Others may just want to visit for a short time. It’s possible to enjoy a very comfortable life in Japan even without English but learning some of the language will definitely improve the experience a great deal.

Click on the link below to download the free ebooks:-
How to Learn Japanese Free Ebook US Edition (PDF)
How to Learn Japanese Free Ebook UK Edition (PDF)

Direct Link Mirror (From author’s site)
How to Learn Japanese US Edition (PDF)
How to Learn Japanese UK Edition (PDF)

About The Author


My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.


  1. vikram


  2. ashish


  3. KIM

    Yes, wonderful.

  4. Golden Wings

    i can’t download.

  5. admin

    Hi Golden Wings, the download links are still up and running. You need to scroll down and choose FREE and then continue with the instructions provided.

  6. Ericdaman

    i have a report on japan and think this will be cool to recite japanese for the class

  7. amir

    Could you please not use rapidShare for upload this important choise
    I always have problem with this sharing web site .
    It’s not seem that you can’t put one downloading system in your web site .

    from one who love to learn but still have to be filtered from mothers.

  8. admin

    Hi Amir,

    The books were uploaded to rapidshare when posted due to bandwidth issues. It has been rectified since with a webhost migration. However I’ve added an additional direct mirror downloads, straight from the author’s website.


  9. neeraj

    ya this is nice and easy to download .ther is no problem of code copy/paste problem .u jst hav to click and u will get u r stuff.
    seriously it wrk.

  10. caroline

    Well that is good to know that I don’t need English to get around in Japan,…..but what about Japanese?

  11. lala

    Thanks for this great help 🙂

  12. Phil

    Hey thanks for helping!

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