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Hewn (Ultimate Fantasy Series – Novella One)

Hewn (Ultimate Fantasy Series – Novella One)

Hewn (Ultimate Fantasy Series – Novella One)

by J. G. Cuff

*This is the first novella in the Ultimate Fantasy Series, which introduces a cross-over of classic fantasy and Science-fiction like no other story. As the series progresses with other titles; JOHN THE RABID, BLADES, BOWS & HORSES, and LAMBS & LEVIATHANS, readers will be taken on a journey that defies logic and twists its way down the rabbit hole.


In a world that grows with every woeful mind that crosses over in the darkness, a new legend is about to be born. Where love and loyalty, pain and anger, adventure and mystery all run deep like the roots of the mighty Sorrow Wood; an incredible journey begins.

Welcome to the Queen’s Realm, where the truth is ultimate fantasy.

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Hewn (Ultimate Fantasy Series – Novella One) – 75 pages, 414 KB (PDF, EPUB,MOBI)

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