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Henri Ville

Henri Ville

Henri Ville by Matthew Christopher Benner

Henri Ville

by Matthew Christopher Benner

Henri Ville spends her time fighting to get home – fighting against the desire to give up, against the troubles filling every stopgap town and bar, even fighting against those whose lives she’s saved – but the harder Henri fights, the more ingrained in this vicious world she becomes…the further the wisps of home fade…

And the battles only grow larger.

An object of pursuit by gunslinger and lawman alike, it isn’t until a narrow escape from the gallows that Henri finds herself relentlessly hunted by the formidable Pastor Rigby Briarwood – a clever young Irishman fueled by Catholic faith and an unwavering commitment to destroy the demons that have thus far eluded God’s wrath.

With enough munitions to satisfy a military regiment and accompanied by a diverse group of drunks, cross-dressers, felons and worse, the gunslinger Henri Ville takes the first steps in her epic journey home…

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