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Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z eBook

Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z eBook

What are the secrets to having and maintaining a healthy marriage? We are convinced that there are no secrets. In fact, everything you need to know about enjoying a healthy marriage established long ago and has been fully disclosed in the Word of God. Our Heavenly Father designed marriage, and as always, He is perfect in his plan for bringing man and woman together to glorify him.

We, Matt and Laura, are thankful for God’s design for marriage. We love that he brought husband and wife together. And we love how he intentionally made us differently so that we can complement one another.

Yes really, we love that part. How boring would life be if we were all the same? God knew what he was doing when he made two very different creatures and put them together, as husband and wife, for his purposes.

Husbands, wives – God has great things in mind for your marriage. No matter where your relationship is right now, God can restore, heal, comfort, and work in all of His mighty ways to bring your marriage to an incredible level of health.

Our prayer is for each of us to learn to love our spouse and nurture our relationships in a way that honors God to the fullest. As we all seek to wholly enjoy the love of our spouse, may we all look to the greatest Teacher, the One who truly knows what love is.



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Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z eBook

by Matt and Laura Coppinger – PDF (47 pages)

Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z eBook

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