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by Peter Wrenshall

In his gripping new Young Adult novel, Hack, Peter Wrenshall gets at the heart and soul of the teenage computer criminal. Karl Ripley is lonely and isolated. His mother works the late shift at the local casino, and to while away the time, he begins to hack into other people’s computers. At first it’s fun and exciting, and by the time he’s sixteen, he breaks into the Pentagon computers, an act that the FBI calls the biggest military hack ever. But then Karl’s friend turns him in, an act of betrayal that has Karl obsessed with revenge.

Two days before his release from prison, Karl is offered a job by the FBI. They want him to be bait for a terrorist who is recruiting young hackers to steal important state secrets. Karl begins to juggle his FBI undercover work, and his plot to get even with his friend, and all seems to be working until he meets and falls for a young woman. But is she what she seems to be? As Karl wrestles with his old life of crime and his desire for happiness with this woman, he discovers that his life is in danger.

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Hack (PDF)


  1. amit barde

    nice book………………awesome must read my the youth

  2. pratik


  3. C-3PO

    Awesome book. A must read for kids and adults alike. My new fave book. LUUUUV IT!

  4. ktina

    i love the book,, keep the good work, im looking forward for more of ur books

  5. amanda

    I loved this book, it was a great read.

  6. Chetan

    Amuzing story that every younger must read
    I like this very much …..
    and searching for more..

  7. mandeep

    thats reallyyyyyy gud 1….luv it,,,,:)

  8. Gebrelle

    Wow. That was such an unexpectedly good book. Funny thing that the main charactor reminds me of myself.

  9. Gatlin Fernandes

    It’s a novel that reminds me of real-life news and stories one might read in the paper or watch on the news.


    Reminds me of a really Badass Version Of Myself. Well Done. (a btw for the author, most hackers use a linux distro called Backtrack Linux) just trying to tell

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