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Green Wisdom

Green Wisdom

Green Wisdom
by Janice Wells
designed by Jane Millan

Recycle or toss? Many individuals, families and businesses have pledged to protect the environment, yet almost everyone still has questions about how to wisely go green. Green Wisdom answers common questions about the environment, with a special focus on easy ways to recycle, reduce and reuse. This collection of tried and true eco tips is designed to inspire you to transform your everyday actions into good green habits. Once you get started, we think you’ll notice that what’s better for the environment is almost always better for your budget, health and happiness. You can help grow a greener planet by keeping Green Wisdom in a handy place or sharing it with friends, family and co workers. We appreciate your efforts to keep our planet safe and healthy.

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Green Wisdom – 24 pages, 1.6MB (PDF)

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  1. Janice Wells

    Visit my website if you would like to find even more FREE tried-and-true ways to go green!
    Janice Wells
    Author of Green Wisdom
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