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Global Peace – An Islamic Perspective

Global Peace – An Islamic Perspective

The Global Peace Project aims to highlight the recurring themes of peace, love and compassion for humanity that are common throughout the world’s major religions. The project’s overall goal is to promote global understanding, peace, and tolerance.

ACET-Global is supporting the development and publication of a number of short books outlining the core tenets of several world religions. These books have the goal of promoting harmony and understanding across all faiths and people. The books will be available free of charge to interested people across the globe.

The first book focuses on the fundamental teachings of Islam, and the often misinterpreted and misrepresented values of peace and respect. In highlighting the true teachings of Islam, this book will work to promote non-violence and the eradication of negative interpretations of this religion.



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Global Peace - An Islamic Perspective

by ACET – Global Peace Project – PDF (72 pages + 7 other ebooks)

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