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GitLab Employee Handbook

GitLab Employee Handbook

In the past two years we’ve gone from a team of 10 people to a team of 90+, spread across 26 countries. As a remote-only company, there is a stronger need to document and broadly share our policies and procedures.

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any company or team. At GitLab, we needed to ensure our communications methods were scalable for a growing company, and that they could simplify onboarding for new hires in various countries. Since at a remote-only company you can’t turn to the person next to you and ask where a file is kept. We needed something that everyone could access, no matter where they are.

Plus, we value results, transparency, sharing, efficiency, and collaboration. With all that in mind, it just made sense that we would create an open source company Handbook. Our Handbook is actually under a Creative Commons license, meaning that as long you attribute GitLab you’re free to copy and use it at will. We welcome you to do that if you wish! This way nobody has to reinvent the wheel.

GitLab Employee Handbook

by GitLab (Online reading only) – 7 chapters

GitLab Employee Handbook by GitLab

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