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Get Smart About Credit Day – 18 Free Credit & Money Management Ebooks

Get Smart About Credit Day – 18 Free Credit & Money Management Ebooks

October 20th is “Get Smart About Credit” day. It is an annual event put on by the American Bankers Association and one in which Virginia banks participate. This event that allows bankers to teach the fundamentals of money management, the meaning of good credit and credit scores, and the importance of saving to high school and college students. In this post we’ve covered 17 free credit and money management ebooks, with an additional long list of free ebooks on money. Most of the ebooks below come in various formats but predominantly downloadable in PDF format.

Let’s talk a little bit about topics related to credit and what it really means. Credit score is one of the most important aspects of a person’s financial capacity which means that you have to keep it on an optimal number in order to have smooth sailing financial transactions that require such information. Credit scores can help or hamper you in business and life and building a good credit history is very important, as these scores are used by everyone from banks to landlords to insurance companies to evaluate you.

The free ebooks below will cover various topics including credit glossaries, repairs, guides, tips and tricks. Hope this will aid you in your journey of getting and maintaining good credit scores. And of course – Happy Get Smart About Credit Day!

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  1. Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles by Jesús Huerta de Soto – PDF, EPUB
  2. Of Money, and Other Economic Essays by David Hume – PDF, EPUB, MOBI – 28k words
  3. Credit Glossary by Monica Rich – All formats – 3,340 words
  4. 101 Powerful Credit Repair Tips by Father Pharaoh – All formats – 24,570 words
  5. The Best Credit Repair Manual Ever Written by John Hyland Author – All formats – 7,080 words
  6. Credit Card Management For The Single Daddy by Nick Thomas – All formats – 7,460 words
  7. Understanding your FICO® Score by myFICO – PDF – 30 pages
  8. Insider’s Guide to 2010 Credit Card Reform and New FHA Rules by myFICO – PDF – 4 pages
  9. Your Credit Scores by myFICO – PDF – 6 pages
  10. Identity Theft and You by myFICO – PDF – 9 pages
  11. Credit Repair – How to Help Yourself by Federal Trade Commission – PDF – 16 pages
  12. Do-It Yourself Credit Repair Kit by The Credit Repairmen – PDF – 77 pages
  13. Free Credit Repair Kit & 20 Free Legal Letters by – DOC, RTF, PDF
  14. Credit Repair by Magnify Money – PDF – 16 pages
  15. 5 Free Letter of Credit Ebooks by Various authors – PDF – 5 free ebooks
  16. Free Money Management Ebooks by Mises Institute – Various formats – Dozens of ebooks

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