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Freelance Writers: 28 Killer Tools to Write Better and Get More Jobs

Freelance Writers: 28 Killer Tools to Write Better and Get More Jobs

As technology advancements start to sip into practically everything in this world today, we need to equip and familiarize ourselves with various internet tools. Not only they’re essential but they make our lives much easier, simplifying tasks which could be time consuming for everyone. This applies to a specific topic which we’re covering today, which is the freelancing industry for writers / authors. Getting into the freelancing industry has a long list of benefits, but to be able to reach a stage of comfort and stability will require going through a lot of challenges and obstacles. A few of them are getting jobs, building your portfolio and managing your overall transactions. From creating a website to managing your finances, all of us need a more simplified solution that helps.

In this list, we’ve some of the basic fundamental apps and softwares (both free and paid) that cover most of the essential areas of your freelancing business. Sites to search for freelance jobs, free image softwares, automation, online storage and emails, accounting solutions, project management and collaboration are some of the items covered here. If by any chance you know certain apps that are not listed here which you think are beneficial for everyone, feel free to leave your comments. Happy exploring and all the best in your freelance business!

Freelance Writers: 28 Killer Tools to Write Better and Get More Jobs

  1. Remote Jobs Today – Search for remote jobs or resumes from craigslist, twitter and stackoverflow.
  2. Remote OK and Angellist – Remote jobs platform.
  3. Remote Angelist – Remote jobs platform.
  4. Freelance Masterminds – Free resources, deals & insights for the freelance community! A place to share questions & community with other freelancers.
  5. Clarity – Startup advice from world class experts.
  6. Airtable – Use Airtable as an alternative of Asana and Trello. It replaces project management tools, spreadsheet as well as your marketing calendars.
  7. Fiverr – Find the perfect freelance services for your business.
  8. Visor – Tax advisors and technology helping you to create a financial strategy that optimizes your assets and income.
  9. Envato Elements – Envato Elements is a subscription marketplace for design, web, and stock assets.
  10. Graphic Burger – GraphicBurger is collection of premium quality design resources offered for free to the community.
  11. About Me – It lets you set up a basic, free landing page that you can send clients to for more information.
  12. Free Contract Template by AND CO – You don’t have to be a lawyer to draft your own basic freelance contract.
  13. Lumen5 – To create these Buzzfeed style Social Media videos.
  14. GIMP – The free & open source image editor.

  1. Grum – Schedule your Instagram from web!
  2. Slack – For easier communication with team members and clients
  3. Zapier – Automate your tasks, work and business.
  4. IFTT – Automate your tasks, work and business.
  5. The Stocks – Search engine for stock content (video, photos, templates etc)
  6. Periodix – Artificial Intelligence finds you freelance jobs with the greatest chances to be hired.
  7. Boomerang for Gmail – Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders.
  8. Calendly – Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
  9. Journo Portfolio – Affordable and customisable online writing portfolio without branding or ads.
  10. Station – Station is the first smart browser for busy people. A single place for all of your web applications.
  11. Google Suite – $10/month unlimited cloud storage and an email tied with your domain. You also get Google’s email filters so spam/malware usually gets filtered.
  12. AND CO – Freelance accounting app with invoicing, payment, contract, etc.
  13. Wave – Free accounting and invoicing app.
  14. Freshbooks – All-In-One small business invoicing and accounting solution.

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