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Free Romance Ebooks by Barbara Cartland

Free Romance Ebooks by Barbara Cartland

The excitement and mystery associated with love is a potent and heady force at the best of times, but when the world is in lockdown and self isolation, love and joy is even more important than ever. So while you stay home and stay safe, enjoy your weekly free read and transport yourself to the magical world of pure romance. For the next few weeks, romance fans worldwide will be able to enjoy a fantastic read for FREE. 3 offers have lapsed and 3 remain in the cycle, try and download as soon as you can and keep an eye for the release of the other 2 as time goes by. The latest one at the time of posting is “The Castle Made for Love”, and is available for free download until 30th of April 2020. Each new ebooks are released after a week of free distribution, so you’ll have a new dose of romantic stories once every week. Have fun reading!

In her lifetime, Dame Barbara Cartland wrote an incredible 723 books, including 160 unpublished manuscripts which have been posthumously published as her Pink Collection. Despite the evolution of the romance genre, Dame Barbara’s glorious tales of spellbinding adventure, thrilling suspense and, of course, the triumph of love over every adversity have enjoyed a massive resurgence in popularity.

Free Romance Ebooks

by Barbara Cartland – EPUB

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