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Free Ebooks for your Kindle or (Kindle 2.0)

Free Ebooks for your Kindle or (Kindle 2.0)

To those who are still unaware (which I seriously doubt it) Kindle 2 was launched recently on February 23rd 2009. If you’re hunting for a review on this new version, click here. Anyway, let’s go straight to the content – main ebook sites which provide Kindle friendly formats:-

  3. (Lots of TXT files for your Kindle)
  4. Kevin Elliott’s Ultimate Free Kindle Ebook List (Click here for the full list)
  5. Amazon’s Free Kindle Ebook Store. Click here – Page sorted by price from low to high.

Categorized ebooks:-

  1. 18 Free Christian Ebooks for Kindle or Online
  2. And some ebooks taken randomly from Kevin’s (4) list above.

As usual, if you of any sites / resources that are not listed here, do leave your comments here. Cheers and enjoy reading your ebooks in your Kindle.