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42 Free and Paid Programming Resources to Learn Web Development

42 Free and Paid Programming Resources to Learn Web Development
Anyone can become a web developer. You don’t need to be a tech wizard or possess a never-ending list of formal qualifications; as long as you’re passionate about the field and willing to learn, a career in web development is well within your reach. From HTML and CSS, to testing, version control, performance optimization, and deployment, web development is a discipline worth expploring, just like any other. Despite books telling you that you can master web development in just 30 days, it does take time, discipline, and effort.

If you are also on the same cross-road of whether it’s too late to learn Web Development or Programming, then don’t get discouraged. You can do it whenever you want, not just on your late 30s, 40s, but at any age you want. Any serious developer will need to learn how to program in order to really understand what is going on behind the curtain, or if you are curious to wonder about or query how your favorite program works. This is where programming tutorials come in. The following are 42 Free and Paid Programming Resources to Learn Web Development, covering 3 different levels – beginner, intermediate and expert resources.


  1. Mozilla Webmaker (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    Free community and toolset to learn to create web pages and apps
  2. Codecademy (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, Rails, PHP)
    Free platform for learning to code in web technologies
  3. Khan Academy’s Hour of Code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL)
    Free interactive 1-hour course to learn the very basics of web development
  4. Treehouse (Web Design, Front End Web Development, Rails, iOS, Android, PHP)
    Paid platform for courses how to build websites & apps
  5. Learn CSS Layout (CSS)
    Free tutorial for how to do layout with CSS
  6. Udemy – Programming / Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, Python, iOS, Android)
    Freemium marketplace of courses from third party providers. Quality may vary.
  7. Code Avengers (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    Freemium platform for basic web and app develoment courses
  8. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    Free beginner to intermediate guides on web development
  9. Degreed – Web Development / Programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Rails)
    Mixed directory of courses, videos and other learning resources for web development and programming. Quality may vary.
  10. Platzi (RethinkDB, SailsJs, NodeJS, Git, Startup Class, etc)
    Free Platform for classes on Design, Marketing, Startup and Code. Learn the future of the web.
  11. Free Code Camp (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Databases, Git & GitHub, Node.js, React.js, D3.js)
    Free Learn to code and help nonprofits. An open source community of people who learn to code and help nonprofits.
  12. Vertabelo Academy (SQL, database concepts)
    Free SQL courses with interactive exercises and quizzes
  13. GitHub Learning Lab (Git, GitHub)
    Free Self paced, interactive projects to learn Git and GitHub. Created and maintained by GitHub’s training team.
  14. Grid Garden (CSS)
    Free game that teaches the CSS grid system created by”>@thomaspark
  15. (JavaScript, Regular Expressions, Bash, computer science, Ansible)
    Mixed Self paced, interactive projects to learn JavaScript, C, Regular Expressions and computer science in general.
  16. Programming Historian (Python, R, Unity, QGIS, HTML, Regular Expressions)
    Free Peer reviewed introductory courses for digital humanists.
  17. Software Carpentry (Python, R, OpenRefine, Unix Shell, Git)
    Free Foundational coding and data science skills for researchers.
  18. Hyperskill by JetBrains Academy (Java, OOP, Gradle, Maven, Spring Boot)
    Free teaches programming in Java by creating small applications built step by step

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  1. Khan Academy (
    Computer Programming
  2. Udacity (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, data science, Python, computer science topics)
    Free platform for computer science and web development courses
  3. Learn Python the Hard Way (Python, object-oriented programming, web development)
    Paid book and course for beginner through intermediate Python programming
  4. Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails)
    Free online book covering all stages of creating a Ruby on Rails application
  5. Lynda – Developer / Web / IT (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, programming fundamentals, system administration)
    Freemium platform for video courses on web development and intermediate programming
  6. Thinkful (Web development, frontend web development, AngularJS, Android, iOS)
    Paid platform for mentored web and mobile development courses from industry experts
  7. (Clojure, CoffeeScript, C++, C#, Elixir, Erlang, F#, Go, Haskell, JavaScript, Common Lisp, Lua, Objective-C, OCaml, Perl 5, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Scala, Swift)
    Free crowdsourced mentorship platform of programming exercises and code reviews
  8. PluralSight (JavaScript, AngularJS, Java)
    Paid platform for web development courses
  9. CodeChef Problems (Programming)
    Free intermediate to advanced programming problems
  10. CodingBat (Python, Java)
    Free practice problems in Python and Java
  11. Codewars (JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Python, Clojure, Haskell, Java)
    Free code challenges. Compare your solution with those of others.
  12. CodinGame (C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Bash, C, Clojure, Dart, F#, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Lua, ObjectiveC, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift, VB.NET)
    Free Learn to code and game at the same time.
  13. 1 Million Women To Tech Summer of Code (Python, JavaScript, Data Science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR & VR)
    Free programming course material for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  14. Wes Bos (JavaScript, CSS, React, Node.js, GraphQL, Redux)
    Mixed guided video courses to build products using new technologies


  1. Paqmind (JavaScript, Node.js, React, functional programming)
    Free Quiz your knowledge of programming
  2. MIT Courseware (Varied and extensive computer science topics, C, C++, ..)
    Free courses from MIT on advanced computer science topics
  3. EDX (Varied computer science subjects including theory and programming, data science, algorithms, …)
    Free courses from Harvard, MIT, and other universities
  4. Coursera (Varied computer science subjects including theory and programming, data science, algorithms, …)
    Free platform for courses from universities and organizations worldwide
  5. Awesome CS Courses (Varied and extensive computer science topics, …)
    Free university-level courses scoured from around the internet.
  6. Metacademy – Roadmaps / Course Guides (Free graphs of interconnected topics required to master concepts)
    Course Guides
  7. HackerRank (Artificial intelligence, algorithms, functional programming, machine learning)
    Free programming challenges and contests
  8. HackerEarth (Dynamic programming, artificial intelligence, algorithms, functional programming, machine learning)
    Free programming challenges, hackathons and contests
  9. Project Euler (Programming, mathematics)
    Free mathematical/computer programming problems
  10. CodeSignal (Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, PHP and Perl)
    Free programming challenges