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Findo Gask – Goblin Detective

Findo Gask – Goblin Detective

Findo Gask – Goblin Detective

by Trevor Hopkins

Down these mean streets – and these even meaner tunnels – a Goblin must go; tough, street-smart, one whose pride and honour separates him from the dregs, the scum of both worlds with whom, regrettably, he finds it necessary to associate. A Goblin with contacts both on and below the surface, and on both sides of the Law. A Goblin who gets the job done, asking only his usual fees, plus expenses.

You have a problem? You want it dealt with quickly and very discreetly? Don’t want to involve the cops or lawyers of either world? And you can afford the very reasonable fees? Then Findo Gask is the private eye you need.

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Findo Gask – Goblin Detective – 217 pages, 1.13 MB (PDF, HTML, EPUB, MOBI)

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  1. Dolores

    I loved Findo. I smell a GREAT tv series. I am crossing my fingers for more. Thank for writing Findo.

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