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Far Behind

Far Behind

Far Behind

Far Behind
by Langdon Hues

‘Imagine a different revelation: The devil rising to Earth remorseful for what he has done, in a story of what could happen come April 2012!’New York, New York- April 2012: As a writer, he wasnt one, style wise at least. He was a recovering alcoholic who seemed to spend most of his time making up for his life’s many mistakes. So when the author travels to New York for an interview: ‘How is that possible, believing in all religions at once?’ queried the host. He simply replied ‘I try and look up to the sky and picture all the Gods together saying ‘Join Us.’ Not pushing and shoving saying ‘Join me, No me’ or ‘Only I know the way’ or ‘You won’t go to Heaven or you’ll burn in Hell if you don’t follow me!’ No ‘Join Us’ because if the Gods care about humanity, and I believe they do since they’ve gotten us this far, then that’s what they’ll say!

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