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When an elderly neighbor calls 911 because she sees flames shooting from the Scott house, the story begins dripping with adrenaline and anticipation. But, did she notice too late? Danni (mom) and Pammy (18-mo. old sister) escape. Unfortunately, 6 y/o Ty is left upstairs, accidentally.

Read as the panic-stricken mother and community, which has gathered around the house, beg God for mercy, asking for some sort-of miracle. Also, the fire crew’s sense of urgency is nearly unprecedented as the firefighters frantically fight to save Ty. This is not religious nor political. It’s just a passionate, fictional story about everyday life, detailing how a small word like ‘Faith,’ is so important to everything we do.

Undoubtedly, Ty will work his way into the souls of readers as the approaching flames and his cries for help thrust him into your heart. Don’t be surprised when you’re reading the story and cheering for the little guy to get out, somehow. But, will he? And, how will he? The fire is quickly closing in. His screams are softly heard, but deafening… Hurry!


by Mark Elswick (All formats) – 17 pages

Faith by Mark Elswick

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