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F# Succinctly

F# Succinctly

This book is aimed primarily at IT professionals who want to get up to speed quickly on F#. A working knowledge of the .NET Framework and some knowledge of either C# or Visual Basic would be nice, but it’s not necessary. All you really need is some experience programming in any language to be comfortable learning F#.

Even complete beginners who’ve never programmed before and are learning F# as their first computer language should find this book very readable. Though it doesn’t attempt to teach introductory programming per se, it does carefully present all the important details of F#.

Functional programming is the best approach to solving many thorny computing problems, but pure FP often isn’t suitable for general-purpose programming. Because of this, FP languages have gradually embraced aspects of the imperative and OO paradigms, remaining true to the FP paradigm but incorporating features needed to easily write any kind of program. F# is a natural successor on this path. It is also much more than just an FP language.

Some of the most popular functional languages, including OCaml, Haskell, Lisp, and Scheme, have traditionally been implemented using custom runtimes, which leads to problems such as lack of interoperability. F# is a general-purpose programming language for .NET, a general-purpose runtime. F# smoothly integrates all three major programming paradigms. With F#, you can choose whichever paradigm works best to solve problems in the most effective way. You can do pure functional programming if you’re a purist, but you can easily combine functional, imperative, and object-oriented styles in the same program and exploit the strengths of each paradigm. Like other typed functional languages, F# is strongly typed but also uses inferred typing so programmers don’t need to spend time explicitly specifying types unless an ambiguity exists. Further, F# seamlessly integrates with the .NET Framework base class library (BCL). Using the BCL in F# is as simple as using it in C# or Visual Basic (and maybe even simpler).

F# Succinctly

by Robert Pickering (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) – 8 Chapters

F# Succinctly by Robert Pickering

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