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Eye of the Ocean Trilogy

Eye of the Ocean Trilogy

Thirty-five years ago, the Empress Cassa did ‘something’ and turned a good chuck of the palace – and herself – to granite. Of course, nobody thinks she’s really dead. And nobody thinks she’s still quite human either. The problem? The transformation into granite didn’t stop with the palace. Empire is in danger of being destroyed.

Meet Ulanda, a young woman born and trained to be a safe replacement for the Empress, allowing Cassa the freedom she wanted while saving the Empire from destruction. And meet Garm, Cassa’s lover who never stopped loving her – or waiting for her to come back.

And she has come back.

Book 1 – The trilogy begins on the planet Ri with Ulanda, Bolda and Garm, all linked in their own way to Cassa, the Empress, who vanished years previously, triggering events that may yet bring about the destruction of the Empire.

Book 2 – Finding refuge among her own people, Ulanda attempts to create a life for herself on Alisim, but finds the forces of Empire gathering against her and the man she loves.

Book 3 – Fleeing Alisim, Ulanda and her companions find themselves in an altered future, hunted still by Empire and now also by the Spann Protectorate who want to use her to bring about the end of the Empire.

Eye of the Ocean Trilogy

by Laurel Hickey (EPUB, PDF) – 419 pages

Eye of the Ocean Trilogy by Laurel Hickey