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Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Extra Credit

by Larry LaForge

Professor Nathan Carter seems caught in a time warp. He still thinks students should get only one shot at each test and the grade of C represents average performance. All the students and many of his faculty colleagues at fictional Midway State University (MSU) have different ideas. Extra credit and do-overs are commonplace at the school, and many MSU students have never made a C in their entire college career. When senior Amy Watson takes a course from Professor Carter in her last semester, all hell breaks loose and a prestigious student award goes down the drain for Ms. Watson. But has this clash of cultures really harmed the student? Her answer to that question changes dramatically as events unfold in this entertaining and thought-provoking short story about higher education in America.

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Extra Credit – 38 pages, 166 KB (EPUB, Mobi (Kindle), PDF, RTF)

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