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Expose Your Writing Power Online With eBook

Expose Your Writing Power Online With eBook

Achieve virtual immortality…

Some of the most self-satisfying endeavor that any creative writer can achieve is to see his/her work published. It basically immortalizes the work the same way that painters, sculptors, musicians and movie directors achieve virtual immortality when they have their works exhibited and distributed to even the smallest audience.

For a novice writer penetrating the world of book publication, it is not uncommon that dreams of being a Hemingway can easily be dashed by overly cautious book editors and publishers who are often more interested in selling books than immortalizing an author. But if you’ve ever heard about online publishing, those dreams don’t have to end.

The World at Your Fingertips

More than a billion people are going online every day…

The internet is all about getting the entire world as your audience. With more than a billion people going online every day, getting you work published online opens up your talent to infinite possibilities for more literary opportunities as well as fame. If you have real talent for writing and can present a subject that many people love to read about, success is often just a matter of time.

Publishing an eBook is one of the easiest thing to get your writing skill and interest exposed. Among the pioneering eBooks to get worldwide attention is Riding the Bullet from Stephen King, generating nearly half a million downloads in 2 days.

Of course, not everyone is a Stephen King who is already an established fiction writer with works made into movies. But the point clearly establishes the internet as a potent distribution source and a promotional vehicle of your works.

You can’t expect half a million copies downloaded right away, but if it’s a good read and is offered as a free eBook featured in many publishing sites and digital libraries, your first eBook published online can be your ticket.
Aspiring authors use online publication as a stepping stone to a thriving career in writing. A series of eBooks published online can impress your editor or publisher to finally give you the break you deserve.

As a distribution channel for eBooks, the internet provides the quickest and cheapest option for millions to satisfy their reading needs. And as an eBook writer, it’s your choice if you want to price your printed book at $15 apiece and get limited distribution in a state where fewer than 10,000 people will see it in their local bookstores. Or you can price each eBook download for just $2 and get 10% of the billion people going online everyday to potentially buy it.

Internet Marketing Niche

Lucrative online preoccupation…

But even if your talent is mediocre, online writing can still prosper if you have the right subject and an honest writing skill for topics that web and blog owners as well as online advertiser and promoters would love to pay for.

Creating eBooks with topics that align with internet marketing has become a lucrative online preoccupation. Free eBooks not only create a promotional opportunity to expose your writing skills, but properly harnessed, it can provides a vehicle for affiliate and viral marketing that are seen to benefit online business.