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Ebook Readers: Features & Supported File Formats

Ebook Readers: Features & Supported File Formats

Ebook Readers: Supported File Formats

In the increasing number of emails we’ve been receiving asking whether the list of ebooks listed down here at are compatible with the range of Ebook Readers out there, we’ve prepared a list of readers in PDF format (content taken from Wikipedia). This PDF ebook covers the functionalities / features of each the Ebook Readers out there and the file formats that each of them supports. With this information you can decide what kind of ebook formats that you should download and transfer to your devices. Also included within this post are ways on how you can transfer these ebooks.

Click on the link below to download the PDF Ebook or read this information online:-
Ebook Readers: Supported File Formats (PDF & HTML (Wikipedia))

Transferring Ebooks to your Reading Devices

Some of you might treat the transferring process too technical or too complicated to understand, considering that there are more than a dozen types of ebook readers out there. Different readers require different software to transfer and different processes / procedures in order to achieve a successful transfer, i.e. if it comes with DRM, what should I do first? How do I use Calibre to transfer my ebooks? Why should I use Adobe Digital Editions to authorize my DRM ebook before transferring my ebook to my ebook reader with Calibre?