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Downton Abby’s Architectural History

Downton Abby’s Architectural History

Downton Abby's Architectural History by Diz White

Downton Abby’s Architectural History

by Diz White

Learn about where DOWNTON ABBY is filmed – Highclere Castle – and its fascinating heritage.

See how the real-life history of this Castle and its owners the Carnarvon family have been woven into the script of this incredibly successful and beloved television series. Add depth and knowledge to the viewing experience of Downton Abby by tracing the history and architectural evolution of Highclere Castleback through the ages to its earliest beginnings. Illustrated with many beautiful photographs of Highclere Castle and the movers and shakers of the Carnarvon family tree.

This author’s blend of training in art and architecture at Central/St. Martins School of Art in London and her background of working in all aspects of film production in Hollywood make her uniquely qualified to write this illuminating E book.

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Downton Abby’s Architectural History – 8 Pages, 604 KB (PDF)

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