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60 Discord Servers for Bookworms, Readers, Writers and Everything About Books

60 Discord Servers for Bookworms, Readers, Writers and Everything About Books
You’ve probably heard about Discord. You may even be a member of a few Discord servers, most likely for the video games you enjoy. However, since its inception in 2015, Discord has matured significantly. Since its inception as a social platform for gamers, Discord has evolved into a viable alternative to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as a valuable tool for creators wishing to interact with their followers.

Discord is a community-building platform that combines VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution. Users communicate in private conversations or as part of “servers” through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files. You may create a personalised and one-of-a-kind community where creators and companies can interact with their followers, learn more about them, and promote their products.

In this compilation, we’ve gotten you a list of 60 Discord servers or communities which are book related, that go into various topics such as reading, writing, getting feedback, reading clubs, fan clubs of certain titles or genres and many more. With bots, channels and rewards – you’ll have a great time in any of these servers. And from my personal experience, Discord communities are usually active 24 7, so once you’re in, there’s no such a thing as a pause or stop button. Have fun!

Discord Servers for Bookworms, Readers, Writers and Everything About Books

  1. ARCHIVES – A server dedicated to hosting various resources relating to witchcraft, spirituality, and the occult. Here we strive for helpful and legitimate content, things you probably won’t find in just a quick Google search—and to separate us from other resource servers, we aim to summarize most of the content here! In this server we recognize the status of closed cultures and practices and do our best to respect those boundaries while encouraging mindful education and appreciation. (15k members)
  2. Book Lovers Club – A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome! (12k members)
  3. The Philosophy Chat – Largest academic philosophy discord server, a server for philosophy undergraduates, graduates, and autodidacts. There is a process to show philosophical competence, epistemic humility, and courtesy in order to become member and have access to all the chat rooms. (8k members)
  4. Bookington (TikTok) Book Club – The Bookington Book Club is open to all fellow readers, or anyone looking to become a reader. Each month, we vote on a book to read as a group (participation is optional but encouraged). We also have channels for people to ask for recommendations, give recommendations, and just talk about their favorite books. We are a supportive, caring community, eager to share our love of reading. (5k members)
  5. Dune – We are a discord community dedicated to the fandom of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi series Dune. We welcome everyone and anyone, from hardcore fans who’ve read every book to people interested in the 2021 Denis Villeneuve adaptation. Join us and the spice will flow! (4k members)
  6. Bookaholics – Bookaholics is a perfect place to discuss your favorite books. We’re officially Discord partnered. This server is itself a loving family for all book lovers. Has all your favorite genres. We talk about any genre! Events, Fiction & Non-Fiction Book Channels, Free books! (legally from Special Bookaholics Library), Happy Zone: Emotional Support, TV shows, Art & More channels!, Often do game events and have watch parties! (3k members)
  7. r/BookClub – We are an online book club. Join our active community of readers for discussions, book suggestions, friends, fun, and more! We are associated with, but we also have individual reads just for the server! No Reddit account needed! Try out the Book Roulette for a random chance at something amazing (or terrible?). (2k members)
  8. The Expanse – We’re a friendly, inclusive group of fans of the excellent series The Expanse. Join us to talk about the show or books, participate in watch parties and reading groups, learn the futuristic fictional creole of the Belter people, or just hang out and chat with nice people from all over the world. (2k members)
  9. booksandtea – Books and Tea is an online book club. We host readalongs, readathons, and a yearly reading challenge. We encourage the sharing of recommendations and reviews, have reading sprints, and discuss all things literature related. (18+ community) (2k members)
  10. The Crockery – A Kingkiller Chronicle Community – The Crockery is a community of fantasy book readers brought together by The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. We host server read-alongs, discuss fan theories, showcase fan art, play games with one another, and simply hang out, and have voice discussions. (1k members)
  11. Words Alike – Words Alike is a writing community open to writers, readers, editors and critics. We hope for you to learn something new, develop your stories and find like-minded people. Our server is open to hobbyists and those more serious about the craft. We wish to provide a helpful resource and a supportive network! (1k members)
  12. Goodreads – We are a safe and inclusive environment to share and talk with other readers. We are dedicated to bringing fun monthly events that will get you reading and making friends! Safe for all ages (with an 18+ area), A chill and easy-going community, Many fun and organized rooms, A reading themed ranking system, Monthly book events and readathons, Nitro giveaways and other contests, Discord currency for fun buyable roles, Multiple organized bookclubs, Get goodreads updates and help, A ton of emojis! (1k members)
  13. Dreamland – Are you interested in a discord open to all Wattpaders? Then the Dreamland Discord may be the place for you! (Note: MUST have a Wattpad account). We have many channels, all meant to give people their own special little place to talk. Want to talk about your book? Writing in general? Different hobbies such as anime, video games, tv shows, novels? How about share some of your amazing art for others to see? Make it even better, we have many activities to participate in. Marathons/Sprints/Word Wars frequently every day, raiding new books and undiscovered books, trivia nights – we have many things! (1k members)
  14. The Library – The Library is an online library and book club! With us, you will not only find books to read, but also make some friends along the way- friends who enjoy reading, like you! We have a variety of downloadable e-books, arranged by genre. A small, but welcoming community as of now, friendly admins, or as we call, Librarians. Selectable roles including colors, pronouns, languages. Regular book discussions and channels to share your art, written works, etc! (1k members)
  15. Moonlight Readers – The Moonlight Readers server is a welcoming book server for anyone interested in reading. Featuring authors along with popular standalones and series, this server also has a monthly book club and a variety of chats for those interested in films, fashion, food, current events, and more. Here, everyone is welcome and loved! We are also DID and OSDD friendly. (1k members)
  16. Cassie’s book club – A fun, friendly, welcoming book club! We run a monthly book club reading a young or new adult novel that’s voted on together. We also have places to chat about our fave books, get and give recommendations, and hang out as a community of readers! (1k members)
  17. Book Hugger’s Haven – Welcome to ‘ , a cozy literature-orientated community dedicated to reading! Our main theme is a library, and to make everything extra special, we’ve designed the server accordingly. With our goal being to help everybody around the world embrace (or hug) literature, we strive to bring you the best reading experience possible during your stay. (1k members)
  18. Moon’s Spawn – This is Malazan Book of the Fallen, read along server! (1k members)
  19. Organized Book Club – A server for people who’d like an organized place to discuss books and make friends! Our goal is to build a friendly community of people to have quality discussions with, about reading, books and other stuff in general. It has a dedicated Monthly Book Club and a member-based Buddy Reads system. A Custom Bot specifically made for Book Clubs with Goodreads & StoryGraph integration, ability to hold reading and writing sprints, and other Bots for Leveling, Utility, and other fun commands! Neat and Organized database for keeping track of all your past/current/upcoming reads on the Server! Group by date, genres, authors, and many more! 90+ channels ordered neatly for all your reading needs. Channels for authors and genres both! Other community-related channels for a lot of stuff such as writing, art, music, gaming, movies and shows, etc. (900+ members)
  20. A Theoretical Book Club – Theoretically, this is a server dedicated to reading. We read two books a month together as a server, have an ongoing long read, and generally chat about any other books we’re interested in or reading at the time. We have an instagram and reddit page as well if you’d like to join us there. Theoretically of course. (900+ members)
  21. The Bookish Heaven – A fun-filled server with free ebooks and a whole bunch of fun categories such as art, writing, reading, a book club and more! (900+ members)
  22. Writers’ Palace – A safe place for writers of all kinds to discuss writing, share their work, and make new friends! Founded in 2019, we started with a small, tight-knit community and have grown to a group of hundreds, all bound together by our love of literature in all forms. It has an active and inclusive community, level one nitro boost, year-round competitions and events, journaling clubs, creative writing clubs, and more, tons of unique bots for prompts and games, a feedback center for shared work and more! (800+ members)
  23. Books & Beyond – This server is for people who love to read books or someone who would like some motivation to get into reading. It’s more than just a book club. You can join the voice chat with others and talk about books and stuff or just hang out and talk about pretty much anything. Readers are usually introverts so it’s a great opportunity for them to talk to new people and make new friends. (900+ members)
  24. Academic History – This history server is focused on high-level, global historical discussion for those in the academic and professional historical field. We provide a forum to discuss research, find books and papers, swap recommendations, and make explorations into new historical subjects. (800+ members)
  25. Page Pursuit 2.0 [Updating!] – The server is designed to be a simple and functional book club server. Our target readers are those who have other main priorities like their academics, work, families, other hobbies, and etc but still want to join a simple reading community. The club is structured for you to spend the least amount of with the club to pave way for you to focus more with real life priorities and more on actually reading. Basically, we are a book club for the busy and the occupied. We do not have daily or weekly activities that you need to keep up with. (800+ members)
  26. AlexaHunterBookClub – On this server you can discuss all your favorite books with people who also enjoy those books. You can connect with people all across the world over your shared love of books. (700+ members)
  27. Harry Potter (Hogwarts) – Welcome to the Harry Potter (Hogwarts) Server! This server is a safe space for all HP fans and lovers to experance! We strive to have fun and make the best memories and share our love for Harry Potter and the Wizarding World in this server!! We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination in this server as it is a safe place for all. We hope you’ll stop by on platform 9 3/4 and take a ride to Hogwarts! (700+ members)
  28. Shadowhunters’ Wiki – A Shadowhunter Chronicles hub for all fans of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling book series! Created and run by the staff of the Shadowhunters’ Wikia—a comprehensive guide to the angelic, demonic and everything in-between—this server is the best place to discuss anything Shadowhunter-related, from the Infernal Devices to the Dark Artifices, and keep up to date with new releases and extra content. (700+ members)
  29. The Book Club – This server is for the people who love to read and discuss books. People can post suggestions, and there are different channels for genres. (500+ members)
  30. Quarantined Nietzscheans – We are a community dedicated to gathering like-minded individuals interested in exploring and discussing the philosophy, works, ideas, and concepts of Friedrich Nietzsche. Despite this, we welcome anyone who is starting on Nietzsche, or even philosophy in general, regardless of personal beliefs. (400+ members)

Discord Directories / Search Engines

  1. Disboard – DISBOARD is the place where you can list/find Discord servers. Find and join some awesome servers listed here or login and add your server if you are a server owner.
  2. Discordservers – Find public discord servers to join and chat, or list your discord server here! Search for the best discord servers out there!
  3. – Discord Me is a platform that connects people with awesome public Discord servers and bots.
  1. Wattpad+ – Wattpad+ is a mature place for writers who seek to promote their stories and readers looking for undiscovered gems – be it original works, fanfiction or short stories of any kind! Our server is easy to overview and ever-progressing. Our team keeps you up-to-date with regular announcements and provides full-time support! We offer read-4-reads, feedback and a workshop to grind your plot, worldbuilding and writing skills. There is also an art-district in which you can present your story-related artwork or seek inspiration from other members! (400+ members)
  2. Vampirism – Vampirism is a community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games, books and music to art, fanfiction and RP. We host a number of weekly activities including a movie night and a “question of the week”, which is a vampire-related open-ended question to get some discussion started. Please keep in mind that we do not identify as vampires, nor do we believe they exist in real life. We simply enjoy all types of vampire fiction! (400+ members)
  3. Books and Birbs – Join our friendly and welcoming book community! We have channels for you to discuss all the book genres you like, or may want to explore. Come on over and help this community grow, discover some fun emotes, and talk about books to your hearts content. Oh, and we like birbs. Some of the things we offer include 3 monthly buddy reads, requested and voted on by our members, Monthly book bingo with fun prompts and XP prizes, A space available for writers as well, Lots of bookish and birb emotes, Giveaways for more active members, etc. (400+ members)
  4. Delicious π – In this club, we read books and listen to podcasts and discuss them! Other activities are arranged as well. It’s just the beginning of our journey here, so please pick up the delicious π (Pie!) and get ready to check everything about the subject of each server that best suits your interests. Enjoy your delicious π!” (400+ members)
  5. Book Paradise – Book Paradise is like a library – it gives you the feeling of home, helps you forget everything, and takes your to wherever you want it to – from space and science to Haunted Houses and fantasy worlds of elves and dragons. Welcome to your journey, fellow adventurer. Welcome home. (400+ members)
  6. Untold Nightmares – Founded by a musician, this server exists to discuss the life and works of H. P. Lovecraft. It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert, all fans are welcome here. (400+ members)
  7. Animorphs – Running for several years, the Animorphs Discord has a loyal base community who talk all things Animorphs and beyond! Find out about merch for sale, discuss the books, or contemplate the upcoming Animorphs Movie. (500+ members)
  8. BookDragons Hub – Bookdragons hub is a friendly community with amazing people. Bookworms would love it here but there are things for everyone here. (400+ members)
  9. The Lonely Mountain – Welcome to our Lonely Mountain! Here we are a Hobbit themed server. We enjoy talking about the movies as well as the book. We host tournaments and maybe art contests! This is a nontoxic server for people interested in Middle Earth and all things Tolkien! We host tournaments and maybe art contests! We also love talking about lore and theories along with very great and funny middle earth related memes. (300+ members)
  10. Twilight Renaissance – We are a server dedicated to showing our love and support for the Twilight Saga, and to meet other fans who enjoy the works. Come talk about your favorite characters, your favorite book / movie, and make new friends! (300+ members)
  11. young adult books! – We are a tight-knit group of book lovers who just want to find friends with similar interests! our server is a place to make friends, find new books, diversify your reading taste, and talk about books you love! we hope you enjoy your stay and find some new friends! (300+ members)
  12. The Bookworm Cult – The Bookworm Cult is a server dedicated to books. All book lovers are welcome! We mostly discuss the works of SJM, Cassandra Clare, Leigh Bardugo and many other authors. Dedicated channels for specific book series, Trivia contests, Book recommendations, Book of the month votes, Cool bots, Active and LGBTQ+ friendly community. (300+ members)
  13. The Shadowhunter Chronicles – The Shadowhunter Chronicles is, not only, aserver dedicated to discussing the different shadowhunter series by Cassandra Clare! It is also a great community to be a part of. Discussion channels for each series in the Shadowhunter chronicles, a quote channel full of, yes, quotes from the different books, art and video channel, a ship channel, so feel free to go all out, and ship those characters! etc. (300+ members)
  14. /r/WritingHub – Official Discord server for /r/WritingHub, where writers connect! Come chat in real-time with other writers and join our growing community. We offer a variety of weekly discussions and challenges to help our members become the best writers they can be! (300+ members)
  15. The Writers Hole – The Writers Hole is a community of writers and creative people working and promoting their crafts. The owner is a 16 year old up and coming author with the fantasy book “The Einjar”. We also allow advertising in out server, so creators can get supported. (300+ members)
  16. Books, Ink & Language – We’re a new server partnered with Language Exchange. We do a Book Club in different languages and share and improve our writing with the help of others. If you love books, writing or languages, this is your place! We expect to create and nice and chilled community that helps each other and makes new friends within the server. We offer reading clubs in French, English, Russian and Spanish (aimed at learners, but fluents and natives are more than welcome). Writing sections in Dutch, English and Spanish (open to add more languages), avid Readers club for those that love reading, Manga & Graphic Novels club, etc. (400+ members)
  17. Book Nerds Unite – If reading gets you excited, this is the server for you. Readers of all ages, genres and novel types (including comics) are welcome to join. (300+ members)
  18. The Cogitatio Realm – We are a community for writers, readers, and artists and we are looking for more members. Are you struggling to find readers for your book? Are you a new writer and need help with your story? Are you an artist and you want more exposure to your work? Or maybe you want to read some fresh stories? We have many self-assign roles which would fit you best! (300+ members)
  19. The Library – This server is basically an online book club! We discuss any and all types of books. We have channels for book series, for book genres, channels for each Hogwarts house members, cool roles that you can give yourself, book memes, cool emotes, etc. (300+ members)
  20. Keeper of the Lost Cities Fanclub – A server founded by three owners, Tom, Lynn, and Natalie on July 29th 2020. We share the love of KotLC and we hope to meet and talk to people who also enjoy the series! (300+ members)
  21. The Writing Oasis – We are a close community for writers, readers, & artists no matter your experience! We welcome anyone to come and share their love for words while learning about the craft, having fun, & making friendships! Our server is a supportive, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, & neurodivergent safe space! (300+ members)
  22. Bookworms – Bookworms is a friendly server where everyone who enjoys reading is welcome to come hang out and chat books. Talk about what you’re reading, your all-time favorites, those authors you can’t get enough of and the ones you can’t stand, etc. If it’s about books, we want to hear it! We’ve also got channels for general chat and other interests, and bots to play with. Come take a look! (200+ members)
  23. Middle Earth – We are a Tolkien based community, with a broad range of things to offer! We wish to grow our server more and in time will be adding some more mods! We still need a Thain and a King of Gondor! We will also have the admin role of Istar as well! (300+ members)
  24. 9b9t Signed Book & Collectibles Network – The 9b9t Signed Book & Collectibles Network is a server dedicated to preserving and showcasing the interesting and historic items found on 2b2t. (300+ members)
  25. Indie Authors – Indie Authors Discord is a writing community for indie authors, self-published authors, and those published with small presses. Whether you’re new to self-publishing and want to publish your first book, looking for marketing/promotion ideas, or a seasoned vet, we welcome you! (800+ members)
  26. Writers Supporting Writers – This server was made by writers, for writers. We wanted to create a space where writers of all types can come together to share their writing, get help, and support other writers. Whether you prefer prose or poetry or anything in between, there’s a space for you here. The goal is to create a safe, positive place to explore writing. And, you can help create that atmosphere by sharing your work and supporting others! All writing levels welcome. (300+ members)
  27. the elysian nook – The elysian nook is a server for students, readers, and writers!! We are 15+ and have plenty of channels to explore. We’ve got earnable and self-assignable roles, study halls, student resources, a book club, and a wide variety of events! (300+ members)
  28. Hogwarts – Hogwarts is a Harry Potter based Discord Serever full of different activities. There you can meet other HP fans, earn House Points, have Duels, interact with characters, and you know, just have fun. (200+ members)
  29. Fantastic Fiction Book Club – Welcome to Fantastic Fiction Book Club! We are a discord server for all fantasy and fiction lovers! This is a place for book lovers to meet, read books together and talk about our love for books and passion for reading! (200+ members)
  30. The Artist’s Club – We are a community of artists of all mediums such as digital, traditional, animation, writing, film and video, perfomance, programming etc. supporting and communicating with each other. Our goal and purpose is to learn and grow together. We also focus alot on mental health, and discuss about how to maintain your well-being as an artist. The creative journey can be lonely at times, so we decided to make a community where people with similar goals can meet each other and learn and grow to become better artists together. (200+ members)