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Dickess: Memories and Chaos

Dickess: Memories and Chaos

This volume concludes the stories originally presented in ‘Dickess Vol.One: Prisoner of the Past‘. It contains two stories:

Memories‘: Arrow resumes her vacation with James in order to help him pack for his move to Dragoon. As they pack and talk, Arrow tells of the past and events lead up to the revelation of a secret she’s kept to herself for 24 years.

Thirty Days of Chaos‘: The Baroness enacts her revenge by selling James into slavery. Now Arrow and her friends split up to find him, leading CJ to end up as one of the missing. As searches lead to other searches, Arrow has trouble back home as bank robbers are filling the streets with both terror and bloodshed. Can she bring an end to it before the streets of Liminien run red?

Warning: Mature Content

Dickess: Memories and Chaos

by Madison Bruffy (PDF) – 238 pages, 27.8 MB

Dickess: Memories and Chaos  by Madison Bruffy