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Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET

Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET

Strictly speaking, the content of this book is mostly a compilation of a number of blog posts related to .NET memory management from JetBrains ReSharper blog. They had been publishing these posts for the last two years until they realized that it would be great to put all this material in order. The result of such an attempt is this book.

The content is based on the experience they’ve had here at JetBrains when developing such well-known products as ReSharper, dotCover, dotTrace, dotMemory and others. In other words, this book is their vision of best practices in finding and solving memory issues in .NET applications.

They hope this book will be useful to a wide range of developers interested in application optimization. For those who’re only starting their way with .NET, this book can be an especially valuable read as it gives short insights on how .NET works ‘under the hood.’

Each chapter is devoted to a specific kind of memory issue, and each subsection features a particular problem and its solution. This means you can start reading the book from any point. Nevertheless, if you are new to .NET and the topics, we recommend following the book chapter by chapter. Every chapter is prefaced with some theory on .NET memory management, but not so much as to bore you to death.

Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET

by Alexey Totin (All formats) – 10 Chapters

Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET by Alexey Totin