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Decoding Happyness At Work

Decoding Happyness At Work

Employee engagement and getting deep into understanding what drives employees is serious business. Working closely with human resources and communication teams across sectors will help them to understand their people better, keeping employees engaged, working on creating a strong employer brand and making work life fun, balanced & full of dialogue.

This little book is a compilation of some of our best blogs. A lot of these have also found their way into various leading Human Resources magazines or leading online publications. Adapted and curated into ‘snackable’ bytes, each of these snippets are but pieces of a larger puzzle that offer you quick and practical advice on how to manage yourself and your teams better. This is a tribute to organizations with evolving work practices and the people that drive them.

Growing up comes at a cost. Somewhere along the line, in trying to conform to our boss and society at large, we tend to lose out on our ability to effortlessly think out-of-the-box, to be able to marvel at and appreciate the simplest of things or to just have fun doing what we love. Questions like ‘Why not?’ become ‘But why?’ – Ideas fizzle before they are born while insecurities amongst colleagues creep up while reminding us to keep our head down and work because the long pending promotion might come our way.

Our take is that we are trying to peel off inhibitions that have evolved over the years at the workplace by creating a refreshing work culture that is engaging, real and alive. To be able to do that, we don’t just practice what we preach, we live it. There are small things we do which we think embody all that we stand for.

Designations within our organization are just another example of us being ourselves. Every individual on our team gets the freedom to pick a cartoon/comic character that s/he associates with and that’s not just on paper. It’s there on all our visiting cards, email signatures and LinkedIn profiles.

Decoding Happyness At Work

by Never Grow Up (PDF) – 112 pages, 190KB

Decoding Happyness At Work by Never Grow Up