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De-Witched! by Stephanie Dagg


by Stephanie Dagg

This is the second story about Cackling Carol and her witch’s dog, Big Roddy, and their best friend Broom. (The Witch’s Dog is the first.)

In this adventure, Cackling Carol is taken into care by well meaning social workers. They find her a horribly clean flat without even a single cobweb and keep giving her cups of tea, which Cackling Carol hates. Carol can’t wait to leave.

But, thanks to her neighbour Flo, Carol starts going shopping and buying nice clothes. She has her hair done and even gets her nails manicured. What with all this retail therapy and visits to the cinema, suddenly Cackling Carol doesn’t have time for her faithful dog and broom any more. She’d been de-witched.

Whatever will Broom and Big Roddy do?

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