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Dark Days: Reign of the Vampire Chapter one

Dark Days: Reign of the Vampire Chapter one

Dark Days: Reign of the Vampire Chapter one

by William R. Daniels

The year is 1405 and the deserts of the Eastern world are soaked in blood as the search for the scrolls of Abraith begins. As the time of man comes to pass, a child is born within a clan of slaves, Vor follows his destiny, to protect man knowing he must die. and To become the hero he must forsake mankind. To avenge his family he must find redemption.

His wife and son taken from him amidst battle will send him on a quest of vengeance and eventually damnation. Forcing a son lost, to rise up in his fathers place to confront the tyranny, and whose very destiny is to serve by the Dark Lord’s side. Once the incantations of Abraith are set forth both vampire and warrior alike will shed their immortal souls to fulfill their holy missions.

As a legendary battle between the Dark Lord and humanity begins the undead will battle the undead marking the beginning of two souls forever entwined in an unholy union. This valiantly violent tale will force all to question their allegiance and demand for everyone to choose sides. For in the end, only Evil begets Evil, and the future is damned. This is the beginning of Dark Days.

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