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Cyclone Rumble

Cyclone Rumble

Cyclone Rumble by J.P. Voss

Cyclone Rumble

by J.P. Voss

Outlaws have families too.

Duff Allison is an honor student who graduates in June of 1968 with a bright future and plans of attending L.A. City College in the fall. When his older brother Morgan pulls off the largest armored car robbery in the history of San Bernardino County, Duff spends his eighteenth birthday in jail, and the future suddenly looks bleak.

He is released from jail, and his prospects go from bad to worse. The FBI has Morgan in custody, and a girl he barely knows has vanished with the stolen cash. A couple of hardcore bikers are convinced Duff knows where the money is, and they expect him to pay up or else.

Duff’s journey to save his brother takes him on a desperate search for Harper O’Neal, the beautiful blonde with a shrouded past.

Duff comes of age in a world of hard men. His loyalty to Morgan is tested time and again. Duff has his moment of doubt, and he even considers cooperating with the FBI, but his loyalty to Morgan is stronger than the lure of the easy way out. Duff backs his brother’s play. He’s supposed to give the bikers the stolen money. That’s the plan.

Harper O’Neal has another plan.

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