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by L. Lee Lowe

In a slightly alternate world the minds of teen offenders are uploaded into computers for rehabilitation — a form of virtual wilderness therapy. Zach is a homo cognoscens, one of the new humans with startling but as yet poorly understood cognitive abilities who can enter the virtual Fulgrid. Though still a high school student, he is indentured to the Fulgur Corporation as a counsellor. Laura is a homo sapiens. They meet and fall in love across barriers of fear and hatred, exacerbated by Zach’s growing involvement with an underground political movement. There is some mystery as to the fate of his parents, while Laura’s dad is a prominent neuroscientist with the Fulgur Corporation. Lines of loyalty are difficult to untangle, particularly because both have suffered a certain measure of emotional trauma in their early lives. From the very first chapters there is a sense of impending tragedy.

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  1. Travis M

    Good book and keeps you interested. Even if the ending is a little anti-climactic

  2. Gatlin Fernandes

    Sounds like an interesting premise. Let’s see how the story pans out.

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