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Closer Than Breathing

Closer Than Breathing

Closer Than Breathing
by Alan Keslian

The book tells the story of Ben, a young gay man new to the metropolis, who is confronted by a series of odd, eccentric people, including drug dealers, goths, psychics, veteran author Loyd Larcher and ageing rock stars Rick Schwagger and Heath Prityards. He survives by engaging the world with goodwill and good humour. He makes use of opportunities along the way to achieve success, ghost writing a rock star’s autobiography, and finding true love with a level headed and down to earth boyfriend. Whilst the straight world around them becomes ever more weird and out of control, the couple are determined to be true to themselves and each other.

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Closer Than Breathing – 130 pages, 774Kb (PDF)

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  1. Karen Scattergood

    I don’t know why but it only downloaded every other page. I tried three times and have unfortunately had to abandon it as I can’t make head nor tails of the story.

  2. Nathan

    It was an excellent book! wasnt impressed with the ending wanted it go on abit more but still great read.

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