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Chartoasis: Book of market data

Chartoasis: Book of market data

Chartoasis: Book of market data

Chartoasis: Book of market data
by Kelemen Szabolcs

Chartoasis: Book of market data tells about the kinds of market data and how to get them. Tells important factors of using market data and warns you for possible errors in data that may lead to wrong decisions. If you are new to stock trading you will find a lot of new things in this book. If you are an advanced trader you will see things in a different way and you may get some new ideas after reading this book. If you are writing a study this book can be more than useful.

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Chartoasis: Book of market data – 37 pages, 551KB (PDF)

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  1. sinadinse

    is the first time you access the site,
    I liked a lot because it created an opportunity for people or disadvantaged, and also do not want to faciliatr access to books.
    for many of us who live in countries where a lot of shortage of books that is a big plus is one of those opportunities that we can not play for
    it is best to know to enjoy this same opportunities.

    surrounding context is that I have been thanking the creators of the site and those authors
    that provide us your books for free
    I hope never to execusao in that activity that is very attached by the population because the site has many visitors.

    May God give you strength and courage, more commitment and engagement.

    Ant. Paul. Sinadinse

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    It is the first time I have accessed this site. It is a treasure indeed for all those who are knowledge and information. Thanks a lot and keep up the good services.


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