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Category: Pets

December is National Cat Lovers’ Month – Free Cat Ebooks

These free ebooks typically cover cat-related topics such as cat breeds, cat care and behaviour, and cat-themed fiction. Free cat ebooks, regardless of the source or content, provide a convenient and cost-effective way for cat lovers to learn more about their favourite feline friends. If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate National Cat Lovers’ Month, curl up with a good book and your feline companion.

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International Dog Day – Hundreds of Free Dog Ebooks on Various Topics

Celebrating National Dog Day can be as easy as giving your four-legged friend a big hug and kiss, a long walk in a new place, hosting a pet playdate, baking a dog friendly treat or simply by saying that you love them. In this post we have listed down 26 sites and resources which you can download free ebooks, including a few bonuses at the bottom of the list. In total, there may be hundreds of titles to choose from, ranging from training, food to adoption options. Happy reading!

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