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by Una Montgomery

It is Ireland in the late 1790s. Caroline is the daughter of the late Irish Chieftain Turlough O’Shaughnessy and is a very beautiful, strong-willed and spirited young woman. As well as having an extremely loving and close relationship with her brother Fergal, she meets and falls in love with the very handsome and dashing Nicholas Arthur Barnsby Marsmain, heir to the Ballinmore estate. However, Nicholas is an officer in the British Army and therefore an obvious enemy of Fergal, who is working secretly with Wolfe Tone and the French on their plans for invading Ireland. This leads inevitably to Caroline being torn between Fergal and Nicholas. However, her dilemma is made worse when she has a strange, vivid, premonitory dream, which leaves her in no doubt that one of them will destroy the other someday.

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Caroline – 66 Chapters (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

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