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by Ron Sanders

* Ebook cover & content has few adult oriented images. An adult theme book and not a recommended book for children.

In the summer of 1967, swarms of young people converged on San Francisco’s famous hip community, Haight-Ashbury. They came from all over the country; quirkily political, horny as all get-out, and eager to join just about anything rock and roll. The party they crashed was called the Summer of Love.

Three runaways from Santa Monica were caught up in the pacific flow:  Eddie, a little-engine intellectual, Mike, a juvenile delinquent jealous of Eddie’s attention, and Kevin, this coming-of-age tale’s clueless protagonist. Religion, politics, the meaning of life, hysteria, hypocrisy, human interest, human agony; the yin and the yang—it’s all here. So grab your stash and get cozy. Growing pains never came so groovily.

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