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Calculus I/II With WXMAXIMA

Calculus I/II With WXMAXIMA

‘wxMaxima for Calculus I / II’ introduces the computer algebra system wxMaxima in the context of the first / second semester of single-variable calculus. The book can serve as a lab manual for a one-unit one-semester calculus lab or as a reference for students and instructors who wish to learn computer algebra by example.

The primary goal of the book is to teach computer algebra, but the mathematics is not given short shrift: many examples are chosen to motivate and reinforce the key concepts of Calculus I / II. Student learning is reinforced by exercise sets progressing from routine to advanced at the end of each chapter.

wxMaxima is free and open-source software, and in that spirit ‘wxMaxima for Calculus I’ and ‘wxMaxima for Calculus II’ are licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA open texts. The open text/open software combination makes it possible for colleges and universities to run calculus labs without creating an additional financial burden on their students.

Calculus I/II With WXMAXIMA

by Zachary Hannan (PDF) – 2 ebooks

Calculus I/II With WXMAXIMA by Zachary Hannan

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