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Blood Ties

Blood Ties

Blood Ties by JD Nixon

Blood Ties

by JD Nixon

Police officer Tess Fuller has her hands full trying to maintain order in a poorly-resourced small mountain town overrun by the beautiful, arrogant and lawless Bycraft family. But what will her new sergeant, a serious by-the-books city cop, think of her renegade policing style? And will they be able to work together to save Tess’ life when her feud with the Bycrafts escalates dangerously?

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Blood Ties – 403 pages, 512 KB (HTML, KINDLE, MOBI, EPUB, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, TXT)

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    Loved this book! Download it today. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Avatar

    Great book! Really enjoyed this one from the author and “Heller”. Hope this writer keeps putting out the books…I will buy every time 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic, leaves you hanging waiting for the next book to tie up all the loose ends.
    Well worth reading – great author!

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