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Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Born seven minutes apart, Casey and Emily Kingsley had a good life and a good upbringing. But as Casey excelled at life, Emily became more defiant, turning to drugs and crime, hanging with the wrong crowd.

Travis McAdams had been Casey’s and Emily’s best friend for years until their seventeenth birthday. Having secretly loved Casey for years, he became more than just best friends with her. It didn’t settle well with Emily for she secretly loved Travis. But so did Casey.

Homecoming night Casey’s life was shattered and erased from her memory. She returned home to find her parents and younger brother murdered during a home invasion. But the gunman was still there and shot Casey in the head.

Waking in the hospital with no memory, Casey struggles to remember any part of her past life. With Emily’s disappearance and having no family, Casey’s friends all became strangers. Staying hidden from the murderer’s eyes, Casey undergoes protection in the witness program until tragedy strikes again, forcing her to return home.

Regaining her memory in bits and pieces, Casey struggles to solve the murders before she becomes a victim again. But will she ever find the love for Travis…

Bits and Pieces

by Maria Searfoss  (Online / E-text) – 7 Chapters, Requires registration

Bits and Pieces by Maria Searfoss