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26 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos

26 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos
This is a list of notable websites which provide access to educational films as one of their primary functions. Educational websites can include websites that have games, videos or topic related resources that act as tools to enhance learning and supplement classroom teaching. These websites help make the process of learning entertaining and attractive to the student, especially in today’s age.

Video-assisted learning is becoming increasingly common thanks to both more video-capable devices and the availability of video resources. Bringing multimedia into the classroom is a great way to engage students in learning. Supplementing lessons, opening up new interests, and offering inspiration, online videos make for an incredible teaching tool. Here is a list of 26 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos for a variety of subjects. With the exception of a few others, all listed sites offer their extensive video libraries for free and most without registration.

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  1. 60second Recap (Free)
    Educational videos.
  2. Academic Earth (Free)
    Lectures from universities.
  3. Coursera (Free)
    Educational courses with lectures, quizzes and exams provided by universities for free. Certificates are provided by the respective university on successful completion of a course.
  4. Crash Course (YouTube) (Free)
    Educational courses in physical and social sciences, philosophy, history, culture and literature.
  5. Do Lectures (Free)
    Videos of live talks and lectures.
  6. EdX (Free)
    Educational courses with lectures, quizzes and exams provided by universities for free.
  7. Geoset (Free)
    Academic videos, mainly covering science, engineering and technology.
  8. Gresham College (Free)
    Institution with a history of “free public lectures” hosts many online.
  9. IRIS Consortium (Free)
    Educational Earth-science videos, animations, lessons for educators. Animations/videos have been reviewed and evaluated by scientists/specialists in the specific discipline.
  10. Khan Academy (Free)
    Video lessons.
  11. MIT World (Free)
  12. Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (Free)
    Videos from RSA events.
  13. TeacherTube (Free)
    Academic videos.
  14. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) (Free)
    Covers topics in various fields. Presentations are limited to 20 minutes.
  15. UCTV (Free)
    Videos and podcasts.
  16. VideoLectures.NET (Free)
    Free and open access educational video lectures repository.
  17. YouTube EDU (Free)
    Videos uploaded by universities.
  18. iTunesU (Free (requires iTunes software))
    Lectures from universities.
  19. (Free/subscription)
    Academic videos
  20. Lesson Planet (Free/subscription)
    Videos reviewed by academics
  21. SchoolTube (Free/subscription)
  22. Teaching Channel (Free/subscription)
    Videos emphasize teaching practices on a variety of topics.
  23. The Great Courses (Paid/subscription)
    Academic videos from top professors at American universities
  24. LinkedIn Learning (Subscription)
    Videos, Software, creative, and business skills
  25. Pluralsight (Subscription)
    For software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals