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Best of Friends

Best of Friends

Best of Friends by Alison James

Best of Friends

by Alison James

The Civil War tested loyalties and turned friends into enemies. Officers from the Regular Army who had been brothers-in-arms found themselves generals, commanding opposing armies. Many of these friendships stretched back decades, to West Point and the Mexican War, where they had fought side-by-side with their fellow-officers Jackson, Grant & Lee.

Yet love and loyalty are not so simply given, nor taken-back. ‘Best of Friends’ tells the story of one such friendship, strong enough to outlast life itself – a story of honour, affection, decency… of lives briefly touching, or forever interwoven; of having to choose sides; of a woman, dearly loved; of the kindness of friends, and the shattering events of war.

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Best of Friends – 3 Parts (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

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