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Beatrice Beecham’s Halloween Haunting

Beatrice Beecham’s Halloween Haunting

Beatrice Beecham's Halloween Haunting

Beatrice Beecham’s Halloween Haunting
by Dave Jeffery

A Beatrice Beecham Mystery. When librarian Agnes Clutterbuck reports strange noises in the historical section of Dorsal Finn’s town library, Beatrice and The Newshounds set out to investigate. But what they find is something that the world always hoped to keep in the past …

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Beatrice Beecham’s Halloween Haunting – 60 pages, 154 kb (PDF, KINDLE, MOBI, HTML, TXT)

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    Thank you to anyone who has made time to view and download my work. It is very much appreciated.

    Dave Jeffery

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    Thank you for uploading your work… I love it!

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